One of two New Britain suspects in Rocky Hill killing allegedly bragged about committing murder, showed no remorse

Published on Wednesday, 7 April 2021 15:47


ROCKY HILL -- An elderly Rocky Hill man allegedly killed by two New Britain residents was found bound with his hands behind his back and serious injuries to his face and head, according to court documents released in the case.

Court papers also said one of the suspects in the killing bragged about murdering someone, while showing no remorse.

The state police report used for the arrest of Franklyn Cruz, 42, and Madeline Dickey, 35, of 39 Chapman St., New Britain, indicated the couple and a third person, identified as Melissa Feliciano, 31, were at the victim’s home late Sunday into early Monday in an attempt to extort money and other valuables from him.

Feliciano, who served as caretaker for the victim, Robert Iacobucci, 75, allegedly told Cruz and Dickey the man had no family and was intending on leaving his money to her, according to the police report. While speaking to state police, Dickey told investigators it was Feliciano’s idea to “frighten” the victim into giving them money, the report said.

As of Tuesday, state police said they had not yet been able to locate Feliciano.

According to the report, the extortion plot turned violent and ended with the 75-year-old being tied up before he was punched and kicked in the face until he began bleeding.

Rocky Hill police on Monday, around 7:21 p.m., responded to the victim’s home at 60 Pondside Lane after a concerned citizen called police and said a local resident had been tied up and assaulted and his home had been burglarized. Through a series of calls, the caller gave police more information, which included that the persons responsible were planning to head back to the home Monday evening to “get rid of the homeowner,” according to the police report.

When officers arrived at the home, they found Iacobucci in “full rigor” with signs of lividity -- which involves discoloration of skin and pooling of blood.

The state police report indicated investigators spoke with a witness who indicated Cruz said the plan was to move Iacobucci’s body out of his home, making it appear as though he voluntarily left with a prostitute, “then move themselves into his residence essentially taking it over.”

A witness also told state police Cruz had said that he, Dickey and a woman who commonly stayed with Iacobucci beat the elderly man Sunday night while demanding money and valuables, according to the report. The witness said Cruz bragged about killing the man and showed no remorse, the report continued.

Dickey, according to the report, denied any involvement in the assault and said she stayed in the car the whole time.

Cruz, the report said, told state police no one was in the residence when “they robbed the home” and that Feliciano had “set him up.”

Cruz and Dickey, who were apprehended in New Britain when they were found with the victim’s car, face charges of murder, murder in the commission of a felony, first-degree robbery, third-degree larceny and second-degree burglary. Cruz is being held on $2 million bond, while Dickey is being held on $1 million bond following their arraignments Tuesday in New Britain Superior Court.

State police have said they anticipate additional arrests and have indicated they are trying to locate Feliciano, though they have not directly indicated whether she will be charged.

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