Wheeler's Family Health & Wellness Center in New Britain relocating to new site

Published on Thursday, 20 May 2021 12:58
Written by Ciara Hooks


NEW BRITAIN – Wheeler’s Family Health & Wellness Center in New Britain will be relocating after 17 years. The center will move in June from its current location on North Mountain Road.

“One of the pieces we were very interested in based on needs in New Britain was to add child pediatric, child psychiatry and child behavioral health services,” said Sabrina Trocchi, PhD, president and CEO. “Our current location at North Mountain Road did not allow for that expansion. So, we started to look for a new location.”

The new location on 40 Hart Street is a 25,000 square foot building that allows Wheeler to provide the full number of services.

“Because our current location isn’t offering any child or pediatric services as we’re looking to begin in June, we are currently adding additional medical providers, family practice providers that are able to serve the entire continuum of infants, adolescence to adults,” Trocchi said. “We’re bringing in specialty adolescence psychiatric providers in addition to child behavioral health clinicians.”

Wheeler acquired the new building in October and started renovations quickly thereafter.

“We were originally looking to move into the building probably like a month ago or so, but based on a number of factors, including delays in obtaining supplies, building supplies and just a number of other demands, we did have to push out the opening for about a month,” Trocchi said. “But my team has done an amazing job. And the architectural and construction teams that are working with us understand the urgency in getting the site up and running as quickly as possible, so we’re very thankful that we’re able to move as quickly as we did.”

Trocchi expressed the importance of the new location being easily accessible to the community.

“40 Hart Street is just perfectly located,” she said. “It’s not too far from a number of neighborhoods and it is on several public transportation routes.”

Trocchi also expressed the importance of having all the services Wheeler patients need available in the one location.

“We do recognize many of our patients have barriers to care, like transportation, and so in the new location we do have a pharmacy on site and Quest Labs is also opening up on site so our patients can get their diagnostics and their medications all in one location which we think is pretty important,” she said. “We’re currently in discussion to co-locate OBGYN services.”

The Family Health & Wellness Center in New Britain is one of five Wheeler community health centers. Wheeler’s other facilities are located in Plainville, Bristol, Hartford and Waterbury. As a federally qualified health center, Wheeler is part of a network of community health centers nationwide that provide affordable, accessible health care for more than 29 million Americans.

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