100 Black Man March for Unity to take place New Britain; here's how to take part

Published on Monday, 26 July 2021 16:45
Written by Catherine Shen


NEW BRITAIN – With hopes to unite as a community, the Black Ministerial Alliance of New Britain will host a 100 Black Man March for Unity in August.

The march will start at 10 a.m. Aug. 7 at Central Park in New Britain.

“This march is our opportunity to unite as a people and stand together as we outline and promote our destiny,” said Rev. Gervais Barger, BMA president and pastor of Peace Missionary Ministries. “Now is the time that we must stand side by side linked together in faith to uplift one another as we mentor our youth to embrace education and use it as a means to a positive end. To support one another as we climb the ladder of success and point the way to prosperity for all men of color.”

The alliance is asking all men of color to join them as they march together to demonstrate their strength and unity in the community. It is only when the community stands together that the fundamental negative effects of slavery can be eradicated, Barger said

“Far before we can expect others to respect our collective genius, we must come together and determine how we will be committed to support our excellence in education, health, mentoring our youth, and economic development,” he said. “We must show others our willingness to unite and promote resilience from within for hope and generational prosperity.”

After the march, participants are invited to take part in a free cookout to share ideas on how the moment can become the catalyst to break new ground and build a new foundation.

“Far too long we have been trained to sit back and relax and wait for handouts. This ideology has been so deeply ingrained in us that we don’t even challenge new laws or wonder how those new laws will affect us for years to come,” Barger said. “We have become so willing to accept the crumbs from the master’s table, that we are now victims of own unwillingness to become involved in the process of our own progress. Now is the time for us to stand together or become victims as another generation of Black men accepting mediocrity as our substandard.”

For more information, call Pastor Dana Smith at 860-371-8271 or Barger at 860-681-7251

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