Fiyabomb's art camp students to have work displayed at Gallery 66 in New Britain

Published on Thursday, 29 July 2021 16:58
Written by Ciara Hooks


NEW BRITAIN – Gallery 66 will be hosting another art exhibit featuring students from Camp BombFiya, an art camp run by well-known local artist Olivia “Fiyabomb” Be’ Nguyen.

“This is the second time the gallery will host her kid’s artwork at the end of the session. Unlike the last time, this time we’re going to extend it to a show and exhibit,” said Adrian Elliott, curator of Gallery 66. “We partnered to do a full exhibit to not just present the art to their family and loved ones like we’ve done in the past but give the community the opportunity to come with their interpretations as well.”

The gallery will be covered in the artwork the students worked on for the three-week course.

“I have about 15-16 students ages 12-16 years old showcasing their artwork,” Fiyabomb said. “This year they got to do a lot of different activities. They were introduced to epoxy and resin; they got to make awesome glass art pallets; they got to do mug paintings; we did tie-dye T-shirts; they did friendship bracelets; and I bought each of the students sneakers for school so they got to design and paint them.”

Fiyabomb says the kids are super excited about the exhibit.

“They’re so excited to sell – that’s one thing they’re bigger on,” she said. “Some of them are emotionally attached to their work and they don’t want to sell them and I’m like ‘you don’t have to,’ and others love their work and they know if they love it they feel like the audience will love it so now they feel more confident to talk to people about their work.”

Gallery 66 wants to be a gallery for young artists and that falls in line with what Fiyabomb is doing.

“They may think they could never put their work there, so it’s important that we get them early and Olivia gets it and I get it and we have the space that lends opportunity,” Elliott said. “We’re not like the Museum of American Art, we’re not like the art league or any of these other museums, I think our niche is more of a everybody’s gallery and that’s how I looked at this opportunity. These kids need to celebrate their accomplishments in more than just a day.”

The Camp BombFiya Art Exhibit will run for the public from August 2-September 10.

“I think this is an exhibit that reopens the gallery,” Elliott said. “Those exhibits we didn’t have a chance to do last year will return and I need the community to know that Gallery 66 survived covid and we’re happy to display artists as much as we ever have.”

Fiyabomb started the camp four years ago and it runs every single year during the month of July. She loves to teach kids that have never painted before how to paint and how to sell their artwork. She shows them how to market through strategic marketing and marketing strategies like shaking hands and keeping good eye contact.

“When I started it, camp was only seven students, and then every year it accumulated,” she said. “The second year I had 13, last year I had 20 and this year I have 37. So, I’m projecting about 50 students next year.”

Fiyabomb can be found at her website

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