How well do you know New Britain? Here's our Week 17 quiz

Published on Monday, 20 September 2021 11:43
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How Well Do You Know New Britain?

Our New Britain Sesquicentennial Quiz runs in the paper every Tuesday. The answer will be published the following week, along with the first several of those who correctly submit their own answers. Send to with subject New Britain Quiz. Questions, answers and photos provided by Harry Mazadoorian.

QUESTION WEEK 17: These two buildings once stood side by side and each can be seen in both photos. What are the buildings and where were they located?

WEEK 16 ANSWER: Skinner Park is located at the intersection of Corbin Avenue, Lincoln Street and Monroe Street. It honors the memory of Second Lt. Sherrod Skinner, 11TH Marines, 1st Marine Division USMC, recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor. Skinner had attended Harvard University. While in combat in Korea, Skinner valiantly rolled over on a grenade thrown by the enemy into his bunker, giving his own life in order to save the men under his command. The park was dedicated in 1954 by Mayor Edward B. Scott. (Week 16 Question: Where is this park located (was pictured) and in whose honor is it named? When was the park dedicated?)

This proved to be a difficult question, as just four readers answered correctly, while a fifth had part of the answer. Kathleen Vandrilla, Allyn Kall, Evelyn Genovese and Lena Kozlowski all answered the question correctly, while John Guzze had part of the answer.

Both Vandrilla and Guzze said they remember the foundation being lit up at night, with Vandrilla saying, “As a child I remember in the summer the fountain located at the park was illuminated at night and the lights would change colors. We would watch it change between white, red, blue and green.”

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