Arrest disputed: New Britain Common Council candidate charged in row with neighbor

Published on Thursday, 21 October 2021 20:56
Written by Jeniece Roman


NEW BRITAIN – A city official and Democratic candidate running for a seat on the Common Council in the upcoming election was charged with breach of peace by New Britain police during an incident on October 13.

Basil Green, 38, the co-chair of the city's Board of Finance & Taxation, was charged with second degree breach of peace following an incident that occurred involving a neighbor dispute. Green’s neighbor, Andrene Prince, 38, was also charged with second degree breach of peace. Kevin Dunbar, 53, was charged with second degree breach of peace and third degree criminal mischief.

New Britain Police Chief Christopher Chute told the Herald Thursday he could not directly comment about the incident and arrest, citing the investigation is currently pending in court.

Green claims the New Britain Police Department mishandled the incident and said he is being targeted because of his position as a candidate.

The Herald reached out to Dunbar’s attorney, Hassett & George, P.C. Attorney at Law, but they said they would have “no comment at this time.”

Democratic Party Chair Andrew McIndoo told the Herald Thursday night in a statement he supports Green and believes he should not have been arrested.

“After speaking with Basil and his family, we stand in support of Mr. Green,” McIndoo said. “We think the neighbor acted as the aggressor and we don’t see any reason why Basil should have been arrested. There is video documentation of the incident and we implore police to take that into consideration when considering this case.”

According to a police report, police arrived at 48 Audubon St. to a report of an argument outside between neighbors regarding the placement of a fence. The report said Green confronted Dunbar and Prince and said he witnessed the two throwing items onto his property and attempting to rip out plants. Green told police his wife recorded the incident. Green claimed Dunbar assaulted him, but police said in the report there were no signs of physical injury.

Green told the Herald Thursday he does not believe the New Britain Police Department handled the incident correctly. Green claimed the narrative of the police report was not true and that it contained several inaccuracies. He said on the day of the incident he witnessed two people throw items in his backyard and he called the police. While on the phone with police, Green said he asked his wife to film what was happening. He said that was when he decided to go outside to give police a description. Green claimed he was assaulted when he approached Prince and Dunbar to block them from his property.

“She began assaulting me, pushing me in the face, actually pushing me to where I almost fell down, picked up a brick paver and threatened to hit me in the face with it,” Green said.

The police report stated the video of the incident was shown to police and recorded on an officer's department issued body camera. According to police, the video shows Dunbar returning with a golf club and Green pushing Prince. Police photographed the damaged items at the scene. Green requested Dunbar and Prince be arrested for threatening. Green said he asked an officer if Prince or Dunbar were going to be arrested for trespassing, destruction of property, or assault. Green said the officer told him all parties involved would receive a ticket.

“This doesn’t make any sense; they get to destroy my property, assault me, threaten me and nothing happens,” Green told the Herald.

Green said police told him the incident was “silly” and “childish” and he said officers were not interested in obtaining the video he had of the incident. Green requested all parties be brought to the police station. Police transported Green, Dunbar and Prince to Police Headquarters where they were processed.

When he returned home from the police station, Green said he called police again to return to the property. Green said when he returned home Dunbar and Prince threatened him and found them attempting to remove the fence. The police report stated no evidence of threatening was found. Police said they were informed by Dunbar that lawyers were working in a case regarding the fence.

In the report, police said based on the provided circumstance, it was considered “a civil issue, no arrests made.” All parties were advised to stay on their property and wait for city zoning to conduct a proper survey of the area.

Green said no official from the city zoning commission has been in contact with him yet. Green said he reached out to police to obtain a copy of the report last week but was told it wasn’t ready yet. He said he did not receive the police report of the arrest until Wednesday, Oct 20, the same day he visited the police department to provide them with video of the incident.

Green said over the weekend, someone posted an image of his mugshot to the comment section of a friend’s Facebook post. Green said he suspects the account that posted it is a fake account. He said the mugshot was posted online Sunday, several days before he had access to the report of his arrest.

“Property disputes happen all the time, but to share photographs from a small incident like this on a Sunday to the public, in the midst of a campaign, does seem pretty deliberate,” Green said.

Regarding the information about Green’s mugshot being shared, Chute said it is public information.

“As any citizens’ complaint, we take them seriously and we definitely investigate them,” Chute said.

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