How well do you know New Britain? Here's our Week 24 quiz

Published on Monday, 8 November 2021 08:28
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Our New Britain Sesquicentennial Quiz runs in the paper every Tuesday. The answer will be published the following week, along with the first several of those who correctly submit their own answers. Send to with subject New Britain Quiz. Questions, answers and photos provided by Harry Mazadoorian.

QUESTION WEEK 24: This now vacant parcel of land is seen by some as a bridge between New Britain’s famous past in manufacturing and its emergence into a technology center. Where is the land, what was formerly located there and what plans exist for its future?

WEEK 23 ANSWER: At the corner of Main and Lee Streets. Roly Poly Bakery is located there now and Birnbaum’s was previously there. (Week 23 Question: This building is the home of a very busy ethnic food store in New Britain. It once housed one of the most fashionable women’s clothing stores in the area. Where is the building located and what are the names of the present and former businesses?)

Evelyn Genovese was the first to correctly answer last week’s question and was joined by several other readers quickly after. Maureen Abraham, Joan Gialluca, John Guzze, Mark Giulietti, Joan Noyes, Kathleen Vandrilla and Lena Kozlowski also answered correctly. Paul D Neill got part of the answer correct.

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