How well do you know New Britain? Here's our Week 28 quiz

Published on Monday, 6 December 2021 15:23
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Our New Britain Sesquicentennial Quiz runs in the paper every Tuesday. The answer will be published the following week, along with the first several of those who correctly submit their own answers. Send to with subject New Britain Quiz. Questions, answers and photos provided by Harry Mazadoorian.


QUESTION WEEK 28: This old New Britain Postcard shows the Normal School on Hillside Place, which is the predecessor to CCSU. However, it was not the first site of the Normal School. Where was the Normal School originally located and when did it move to Hillside Place?


WEEK 27 ANSWER: Abraham A. Ribicoff and Thomas J. Meskill had at least four things in common: Both were from New Britain; were attorneys; served in the US House of Representatives; and were elected as Governor of Connecticut. Ribicoff went on to serve as Secretary of the Dept. of Health Education and Welfare and US Senator. Meskill had served as mayor of New Britain and in the US House of Representatives before becoming governor and later went on to serve as a longtime judge in the prestigious United States Second Circuit Court of Appeals. (Week 27 Question: These two men belonged to different political parties but had at least four major things in common. Can you identify the men and what they had in common? What positions did they hold after their common experience?)


There were many readers that answered last week’s question correctly, with some sharing some personal memories of the two men as well. Those with correct answers were Wayne Cadrain, Maureen Abraham, John Guzze, Evelyn Genovese, Ann Mikulak (who remembers oftentimes seeing Abraham Ribicoff in his Lewis Street Office while she worked for the Veteran's Office on Pearl Street in Hartford), Paul D. Neill, M. Schrager, Duncan Michaels, Dolores Ricker, Bryan Cook (who remembers Meskill knocking on his door while he was campaigning in the mid 60's), Patricia DeCamp, Kathleen Vandrilla, Geri Curtis (who added, “my mom, Peggy McEnroe O’Keefe, grew up on Star Street as a neighbor to Abraham Ribicoff! He really came from humble beginnings”), Lena Kozlowski (who added, “I knew Tom Meskill as he was a member of my 1946 graduation class from New Britain High School”), Sandra Sasiela Sultar, Patricia Revoir, Joan Noyes, Allyn Kall and Don Naples.


NOTE: Our Week 28 question will conclude our “How Well Do You Know New Britain” quiz series. Thank you to everyone for taking part. We will still publish the answer and responses to this week’s question next week in the paper and at

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