City changing frequency of when residents need to pay water and sewer bills

Published on Monday, 6 December 2021 15:33
Written by Jeniece Roman


NEW BRITAIN – The City of New Britain is changing the frequency of when residents will need to pay water and sewer bills.

In a Facebook post, Mayor Erin Stewart said the city will be mailing water and sewer bills every three months. The updated billing system will go into effect Jan. 1, 2022. In a previous statement, Stewart stated the reason for the change is to make utility bills more manageable for residents.

“We could all use a little help managing our finances these days, which was really the driving force behind making this upgrade to the city’s billing system,” Stewart said. “Mailing municipal bills more often will keep it top of mind for our residents and allow them to make more manageable payments.”

Stewart said the change will allow residents to make smaller payments more frequently, which would mean eliminating the need to pay a “larger lump sum” in a payment period. The new billing system will also allow residents and the meter readers to more regularly monitor amounts owed. The city estimates it will take five months to fully implement the updated billing cycle but assures all residents will receive sewer and water bills more often.

By decreasing the amount of money owed at one time, the city hopes the change will allow the water department to become aware of any problems in their water or sewer system much sooner. Stewart said the change will also allow the city to “catch blighted or abandoned properties sooner because the meters will be read more frequently and city officials will notice if properties have no water or sewer usage.”

Residents will be able to make water and sewer bill payments using a credit card, through Venmo, Paypal and online through the website

The city encourages residents to pay online but if that is not possible, they can pay their bills in person at City Hall. Residents can visit the Tax Office window and the city’s Finance Department will provide a credit card reader to make payments. Residents can contact the City of New Britain Revenue Department at 860-826-3317 for any questions regarding utility bills.

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