New Britain schools to offer Narcan access, training in wake of overdoses at schools in Hartford, New Haven

Published on Monday, 17 January 2022 11:48


NEW BRITAIN – The Consolidated School District of New Britain said it will offer Narcan access and training after recent incidents of overdoses at schools.

In a statement released in a Facebook post, the Consolidated School District of New Britain (CSDNB) said it would partner with NB Recovers and New Britain Youth Prevention to provide resources, “in light of the recent incidences of overdose among Connecticut students.”

The school district said the city of New Britain is making every effort to protect children from these negative outcomes.

In the statement, the school district did not specify when, where or how many overdoses there have been.

A 13-year-old boy who apparently overdosed on the opioid fentanyl while in school Thursday at the Sports and Medical Science Academy in Hartford died on Saturday, police told the Associated Press. Two other students at the public school were sickened after apparently being exposed to the drug, but both recovered.

In New Haven Friday, Five students were taken to the hospital as a precaution after eating chocolate containing the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana and becoming ill, officials told the Associated Press.

A 13-year-old student at the Bishop Woods School in New Haven gave the edibles to four other students, ages 12 and 13, acting Police Chief Renee Dominguez told the AP. Some of the students vomited and some became lethargic, but all were conscious and alert when taken to the hospital, Mayor Justin Elicker said at a news conference. All are expected to fully recover.

Mayor Erin Stewart shared the Facebook post by CSDNB and commented on the recent overdose.

“You know the creation of NB Recovers is my baby,” Stewart said. “My heart breaks learning of what happened in Hartford.”

In the post, the school district said the city would make available resources such as Narcan access and training with the help of New Britain EMS. All New Britain schools are slated to be equipped with Narcan and training for administrators have been scheduled. The school district said it plans to eventually expand training to teachers and add information within the health curriculum.

“One of the best things we can do for our New Britain youth today is talking to them often and directly to prevent an overdose before it happens,” CSDNB said.

Anyone interested in discussing substance abuse with their children, siblings, or students can visit the city’s online Prevention Portal for resources.

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