New Britain wrestling struggles mightily in loss to Simsbury

Published on Wednesday, 20 December 2017 23:04


NEW BRITAIN - After beating Berlin for the first time in its history, New Britain wrestling could have still been stuck on that accomplishment.

But they weren’t.

However, the Hurricanes struggled early letting the match get out of hand leading to the 53-25 loss on Wednesday evening to Simsbury.

“I think off of that Berlin win everybody could have been like ‘we beat Berlin we can beat Simsbury,” New Britain’s Raul Mateo said. “So it could have been more easy to slack off. But that wasn’t the case here. They overworked us, had more conditioning then us and when the time was right they pushed themselves to come out with the win. We need to focus and have the right mindset next time.”

However, not all was bad as the middleweight wrestlers and heavier weight classes did just fine for New Britain, highlighted by the final two individual matches when the Hurricanes Oran Burnett pinned Simsbury’s Jack Cunningham at 3:40 in the 220 pound class.

Burnett’s teammate Victor Rojas finished it up by pinning Simsbury’s Juliano Morales at 0:39.

The heavier wrestlers were the strength for New Britain throughout.

“Our middle weights are good,” New Britain head coach Jordan Jacquo said. “Our heavyweights are brand new wrestlers but are naturally good at this sport so they’re learning and getting better so can’t say enough about them. In general our upper-weights are better but we’re trying to get our lighter weights there.”

The struggles started with the lightweight wrestlers for the Hurricanes.

Simsbury’s Tyler Finn, wrestling at 106 pounds, pinned New Britain’s Isahus Maldonado at 4:54 giving the Trojans a 6-0 lead to begin.

Following Finn was Simsbury’s Matt Putnam, wrestling at 113 pounds.

Again it was the Trojans wrestler controlling the mat and Putnam pinned the Hurricanes Michael Martinez at 5:02.

With the win, Simsbury held a 12-0 advantage.

The Trojans weren’t finished.

Saul Pera stepped onto the mat, wrestling at 126 pounds, and was looking to continue his team’s strong start.

Pera did so, pinning New Britain’s Elijah Aponte at 1:19.

With the Hurricanes struggling to find any momentum on the mat, Elijah Watson, wrestling at 132 pounds, was looking to end the dominant start by Simsbury.

Watson put an end to the early run by the Trojans by defeating Noah Pryzbek.

With the win by decision and four points earned, New Britain was trailing Simsbury 24-4.

The slight momentum boost didn’t last long as the Trojans Andrew Oken, wrestling at 138 pounds, continued the theme of the evening pinning the Hurricanes Eddie Camajo at 3:27.

With its fourth pin of the evening, Simsbury held a 30-4 lead over New Britain.

The Hurricanes still had yet to pin one of the Trojans wrestlers.

New Britain’s Raul Mateo made sure to change that, wrestling at 145 pounds.

Mateo put together the first dominant performance for the Hurricanes on the evening pinning Simsbury’s Elijah Eckert at 5:22.

With the scoreboard reading 30-10 in favor of the Trojans and seven individual matches still to go, New Britain wasn’t out of the meet just yet.

The next three matches put an end to those chances.

Simsbury’s Brett Areuitti injured New Britain’s Andy Amoah Mensah in the 152 pound match.

Following up that, the Trojans Jack Montgomery beat New Britain’s Kevin Carasquillo by decision.

Then, Simsbury’s Will Henry put the match out of reach at 47-10 by pinning the Hurricanes Sebastian Sobielski at 4:47.

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