New Britain's Keithline constantly looking to improve golf game

Published on Thursday, 10 May 2018 20:57
Written by SHELBY IAVA


BERLIN - The team’s record, wins and losses - none of that is important for New Britain’s Catherine Keithline. What does matter is her improvement on her golf game.

“On a good day I’ll shoot in the low 50s,” Keithline said. “I just want to continue to improve my score from the beginning of the season.”

Keithline is one of the Hurricanes’ co-captains and two seniors and she is very consistent when it comes to scoring.

“One of her goals is to break 50 this year and I think she has a shot at it,” New Britain head coach Rich Carlson said. “The kids look up to her on the team. She is just a very, very, very nice girl. I am very pleased with the group I have. You should’ve seen us March 15th compared to now. I am very, very proud of how far they have all come.”

Keithline first started playing golf her freshman year. She joined the team because simply, she just wanted to play golf. But, it also helped that her cousin, Natalie Brewer, one of New Britain’s top golfers, was on the team.

“I hadn’t really played before my freshman year,” Keithline said. “My cousin was on the team last year and I partly joined because of her. I looked up to her she’s a better golfer than I am.”

Carlson said Keithline’s work ethic is like none other.

“When she listens, she absorbs,” Carlson said. “She picks up everything that we tell her and brings it to the course. That is the main thing about her.”

“You tell the girls to do one thing, but then 10 minutes later you go back and they completely forget what you tell them,” he added. “But Cate, she remembers. I can see it on the course. For an example, when we get to parallels - the club is parallel to the ground - and I can see her checking it, every time as a checkpoint. She remembers and she brings it to the course and it’s showing, reflecting in her scores. I am very happy for her.”

Keithline puts as much effort into her golf game as she does school work. She is currently ranked third overall in her class out of 480 students. In the fall Keithline will be attending the University of Connecticut where she will be studying political studies.

“She has a lot going for her,” Carlson said. “I am very happy for her, very proud of her as she conducted herself this year so far.”

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