Republican Byron to seek third term in House

Published on Sunday, 11 February 2018 21:52
Written by Erica Schmitt


NEWINGTON -Republican State Rep. Gary Byron has announced he will be running for re-election.

Byron is now in his second term in the House of Representatives, representing the 27th District, and hopes to be elected to a third in November.

“To continue the work I’ve been doing on behalf of my town and my constituents,” he gave as his reason for running again. “I’m very proud of the close relationship I’ve built with them and I look forward to seeing them on their doorsteps during the campaign season.”

Over the last three years Byron says he has made it his mission to be a voice for seniors, the disabled and the middle class. He serves on several committees at the State Capitol, including Human Services, Environmental and the Aging Committee, of which he is a ranking member.

“I continue to protect eminent-domain bills and continue to advocate for those who suffer from physical, intellectual and developmental disabilities, opposing cuts that directly affect these individuals,” Byron said. “Someone needs to look out for the little guy. It’s an incredible responsibility and I’m proud to do the work on their behalf. At the same time, I advocate for the state living within its means, just like our residents must.”

Newington residents are encouraged to communicate their concerns to Byron through email or in person, during office hours or at one of his regular coffee hour gatherings at King Donut.

He also meets with local business owners and managers during monthly meetings of the Small Business Advisory Council, a group he founded back in 2015.

“Often the state legislature overlooks small businesses and what’s important to them to be successful in our state,” Byron said. “The council’s purpose is to give them a voice through me to what’s important and key to their success and to give them an idea of what’s coming down the pike legislatively that may affect them.”

Byron brings in guest speakers from government and the business community. BAC meetings take place the first Tuesday of every month at 8 a.m. at Middlewoods of Newington, 2125 Main St.

Attendance varies, but the group now has around 30 members.

When the legislative session begins next Wednesday, Byron will be preparing to bring back information about proposed bills that could impact business owners in Connecticut.

“Small business owners are looking for predictability,” he said. “They want business taxes cut and are looking to minimize the over-regulations that some of them are subject to.”

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