Despite strong start to season, Newington-Berlin ice hockey knows there is still room for improvement

Published on Sunday, 31 December 2017 23:00
Written by SHELBY IAVA


NEWINGTON - To the average spectator, one would think the Newington-Berlin ice hockey team played a perfect game after an 11-0 shutout against Joel Barlow Saturday afternoon. But in the eyes of Newington-Berlin head coach David Harackiewicz, there is still much to work on as the season evolves.

The Indians are currently 3-0 on the season with wins over NFA (2-1), Norwalk-McMahon (1-0) and now Joel Barlow.

“Well we’re still making some mistakes in our defensive zone, not covering tightly 1-on-1,” Harackiewicz said. “I think we have to really work on that a lot. Our power play is something that we’ve been constantly working on, and if you have good special teams and good power play, I think you could go a long way.”

Over the past week the Indians have been putting a lot of time and focus on passing plays and it was evident that the practice had paid off.

“They are still very inexperienced,” Harackiewicz said. “But we had some really nice pass plays, where the guys are passing across the ice and putting the puck in the net that way.”

Those passes helped the Indians take 51 shots on goal, although they only scored 21.5 percent of those shots.

“I definitely think we need to improve on finishing more of our chances,” Newington-Berlin forward Ethan Ranger said. “We had a lot of good chances that we didn’t capitalize on.”

On a more positive note for the Indians, they were finally about to put more than one or two goals in the back of the net on Saturday. Over its first three games of the season, the team scores a combined six goal.

That all changed Saturday, especially early on, as Newington-Berlin scored four goals in the first period, four goals in the second period and three in the third period.

“Matt Lavoie played well he had a couple goals and I believe Pat Doherty, he’s a defenseman, he played well,” Harackiewicz said. “We also had to players score their first goals every for high school hockey, Ranger and Max Kyrychenko both had their first goals.”

Both Lavoie and Doherty scored two goals and each accounted for an assist. Newington-Berlin was able to have eight different players score, including; Justin Roberts, Tyler Ralph (scored two goals), Nicholas DeRiu, Ethan Ranger, Mark Sweitzer and Max Kyrychenko.

“We tried to stress [playing as a team,” the head coach said. “We wanted to play as five guys and move the puck around, instead of focusing on the game individually and I think they did that well.”

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