Blumenthal: Foreign steel dumping is hurting state companies, including two in Berlin, Newington

Published on Tuesday, 28 January 2020 17:00
Written by the Office of U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal

WASHINGTON - U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal testified in front of the International Trade Commission on Tuesday to urge the commission to take action to protect Connecticut businesses and jobs amid a flood of dumping of fabricated structural steel by Canada, Mexico, and China.

In n Connecticut, there are eight companies, including one in Berlin and one in Newington, that produce fabricated structural steel employing 750 good paying jobs. The companies are: Eastern Metal Works (Milford), Engineered Building Products (Bloomfield), Erection and Welding Contractors (Berlin), General Welding and Fabricators (Watertown), Hartland Building and Restoration (East Granby), OSR Steel (Hartford), Shepard Steel (Newington) and United Steel (East Hartford).

On Jan. 24, the U.S. Department of Commerce found that there has been dumping and subsidies by Canada, China and Mexico of fabricated structural steel. Specifically, Commerce found: for Canada, a dumping rate between 0 and 6.7% for named companies and assigned a 6.7% for other producers but no unfair subsidy; for China, a dumping rate ranging for different companies from 61.7% to 154.14% and a subsidy rate between 61.71% and 90.52% for certain companies and 154.14% for non-responsive companies; and for Mexico, between 0% and 8.47% for certain named companies and 30.58% for non-responsive companies. The ITC takes this information into account and will consider issuing antidumping duty orders.

“Without ITC action, there will be continued losses with its negative impact on the overall economy and the weakening of our American manufacturing infrastructure base - which is critical to our national security. We all want America’s infrastructure to be built by American workers using American steel but the American workers and businesses need our help. We must ensure that no more American jobs or workers are lost to unfairly traded fabricated structural steel from Canada, China, or Mexico,” testified Blumenthal.

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