By George, the Plainville Wind Ensemble raised $460 to help with abused dog's surgery

Published on Tuesday, 9 May 2017 22:32

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PLAINVILLE - The Plainville Wind Ensemble raised more than $460 with their concert this past weekend to support surgery for George, a severely abused dog rescued by Animal Control Officer Donna Weinhofer.

George, a 7-year-old shepherd hound mix, was found in Norton Park and brought in by Weinhofer on March 31. His body was covered with several cuts like those made by a knife and part of his left rear leg was crushed, which will require surgery and possible amputation.

The concert, which was held May 7 at Plainville High School, was intended to help pay for the $1,000 surgery and more than $1,200 in other expenses accrued treating George.

“The concert went terrific,” said Weinhofer. “I had George with me by the high school and he showed people how much of a loving, sweet, wonderful boy he is. Everyone was stopping to pet him - there was a huge crowd around him and he loved the attention.”

Weinhofer said George has been scheduled for surgery on May 25. People can still donate between now and then and any difference will be made up by money in the Plainville Animal Control budget.

In addition to the money collected at the concert, Weinhofer said she has received several private donations.

“If I get more money than I need it will go into a fund that I have set up for the care of injured or ill animals,” she said. “Donations allow me to keep money in this fund and have an extra cushion for when animals come into my care.”

Weinhofer said that, aside from his leg, George is now in good health. The cuts all over his body have now healed. Weinhofer is now in search of a foster home for George for before and after his surgery.

“We are hoping that someone local will take care of him,” she said. “It would be good for them to get to know him before the operation so that he feels comfortable with them.”

Weinhofer said she ultimately hopes to adopt George out. Trainers from Our Companions of Manchester are currently house training him at no cost to the town.

“Sometimes you find dogs that are really afraid of humans after they have been through something like this but even though George was given a bad start in life, he’s not like that at all,” said Weinhofer. “He is such a sweet, sweet boy; a real love bug.”

Plainville Animal Control can be reached at 860-793-0221, ext. 291.

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