Plainville water meets standards but is hard, town manager says

Published on Thursday, 11 May 2017 21:25


PLAINVILLE - After testing several local homes, businesses and municipal buildings, Town Manager Robert E. Lee says state health officials have determined that Plainville water meets standards but is “hard.”

Lee said residents who wish to learn more about the findings of the study can attend a public information forum June 8 at 7 p.m. at The Middle School of Plainville at 150 Northwest Drive.

The study was conducted after Lee received more than 100 complaints from residents. Eighteen municipal buildings and businesses were tested as well as 14 homes in different areas of town.

“The Department of Public Health and the Public Utilities Regulating Agency will talk about the test and the way our water system is set up,” said Lee. “All results met state standards but they do indicate that our water is very hard. We will discuss what our options are for addressing this; whether it will be sweeping or individual. Residents will also have the opportunity to give their input. I encourage anyone who is in this issue to attend.”

Lee said that, unlike New Britain or Bristol, Valley Water Company provides Plainville with well water from underground as opposed to reservoir water, which sits on the surface and doesn’t undergo as much of a filtering process.

“There are different benefits and downsides to well water,” said Lee. “Well water is more likely to pick up minerals, not all of which are bad.”

Lee has said that the Department of Public Health oversees 2,500 water carriers. Typically, he said, they receive 30 to 50 complaints total a year. For Plainville to receive as many as it did is unusual and that the department felt further investigation was necessary.

Lee first put out a call to residents in mid-December of last year to contact him regarding any issues with water quality. In January he stated that he received multiple letters and emails along with some photos complaining about the local water quality. Some letters complained about an unusual taste while others spoke of the water causing damage to plumbing.

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