Plainville man arrested again on stalking charge in Southington

Published on Wednesday, 11 October 2017 16:03


SOUTHINGTON - A Plainville man has been arrested for the second time this year and accused of stalking a woman.

Gregory Newcity, 22, is facing charges of second-degree harassment, second-degree stalking and second-degree breach of peace.

According to the arrest warrant, a woman who works in Southington went to police on Sept. 23 to file a complaint about Newcity. She said she had worked with him for about two months at a pizza restaurant on Queen Street, and had no relationship with him outside of that.

After Newcity quit the business, the complainant told police, he continued to show up at the restaurant, ordering food and sometimes just coming in to talk to her for hours. She initially didn’t mind when he visited, but things soon became uncomfortable for her, she told police.

On April 17, Newcity visited the pizza restaurant and allegedly took the complainant’s eyeglasses, according to the warrant. She asked for them back, but he instead left the business.

Upon finishing her shift, the woman left the restaurant and headed to her vehicle, finding Newcity parked next to her, she alleges. She said he began talking about “random subjects,” and that she could barely understand him, as he appeared intoxicated, the warrant said. He refused to give the woman her glasses back, she told police, and repeatedly asked her to get into his vehicle. The woman also said she declined his request to get into a dating relationship, but he “never seemed to understand she did not want to date him,” police wrote in the arrest warrant affidavit.

At some point, the woman told police, Newcity “became enraged” because she would not get into his vehicle and he took out a knife and began cutting his shirt, from the collar area down to the chest area, according to the warrant. He then continued talking for about five to 10 minutes, while still holding the knife, until he ripped off what was left of his shirt, the warrant said.

After talking to the woman for some time after that, Newcity eventually put the knife in the back of his vehicle. She then saw this as an opportunity to get her phone out and tell him that she would be calling someone, but Newcity allegedly grabbed the phone away from her. He then continued to ask the woman to get into his vehicle, she alleges.

Newcity eventually put the woman’s phone and glasses on the hood of his vehicle, and she grabbed them and drove away. The next day, she sent him a text message that said she did not want him contacting her. Since then, police wrote in the warrant, he has left the woman 19 voicemails. The woman said the phone calls from Newcity stopped after he was arrested May 2 in connection with another stalking case, but they started up again in June, when she said she believes he was released from jail.

Since June, Newcity allegedly has continued visiting the pizza restaurant in Southington, asking about the complainant, according to the warrant. After being told she no longer worked there, the warrant continued, he figured out where she got another job and allegedly began driving by that business, yelling obscenities at the woman while she was on break and parking next to her car, waiting for her to end her shift.

Newcity was arrested last week and has been held on $10,000 bond. He is scheduled to appear in Bristol Superior Court on Nov. 8.

In Newcity’s other pending case, he has been accused of stalking another woman who works at a Southington bar, at one point parking next to her vehicle and waiting for her to get out of work.

According to judicial records, Newcity was convicted of public indecency in January 2016. He has been charged with violating his probation in connection with that conviction.

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