Plainville polls seeing higher than normal turnout on Election Day

Published on Tuesday, 7 November 2017 17:27


PLAINVILLE – Plainville polls saw higher than normal turnout on Election Day according to workers.

Plainville voters visited Linden Street School, Our Lady of Mercy Parish, Toffolon School and Wheeler School to support their favored candidates, many of whom greeted them with campaign signs outside. A steady stream of visitors stopped in to each location from 3 to 4 p.m.

“It has been a steady flow all day long,” said Laurie Davies, a poll worker at Linden Street School, who had volunteered at the polls for the past 20 years. “

Bob Franklin, who voted at Linden, said he voted Republican across the board.

“The Republicans are getting the job done,” he said.

Loretta Tabor also voted at Linden and said she supported the Democratic team.

“We need some new ideas going forward in Plainville,” she said.

Robert Sheddan said that he came out to vote to support Republican Scott Saunders.

“He’s a pretty good guy,” he said. “I’m on the Housing Authority board and he always comes to our meetings.”

At Our Lady of Mercy, Janet Carroll, who has worked the polls for 26 years, said that she was “surprised” by the good turnout for a local election.

“I think people are really feeling the need to get involved,” she said.

Maurizio Costantini came out to support the Democratic ticket.

“I like Chris Wazorko, Bob Ciotto and Rosemary Morante,” he said. “They are good people and upstanding citizens.”

Fran Liquindoli supported the Republicans.

“They have a lot of good people running,” she said. “I was a Democrat for 25 years when I was living in Waterbury, but now the Democrats are always raising taxes and spending what they don’t have. I’m sick and tired of it.”

Bill Chartier, who was working the polls at Toffolon school and had volunteered at all polls for 16 years, said that he had seen about 400 people vote around 4 p.m.

“Normally we’d be just nearing 300 around this time,” he said.

Pat Rossignol supported the Republicans at Toffolon.

“I like that the people they are running have children and grandchildren in town,” she said. “Because of that I know they will do the best for our kids and to make Plainville a nice place to live in.”

At Wheeler School, Jo Roskinski, who had worked the polls for 12 years, said that she believes people were more interested in the candidates this year.

“It’s nice to see how many people are coming out this election,” she said. “It shows that they are concerned with the issues in town.”

Patrick Hergott supported the Democrats at Wheeler.

“I know a few of them who are in office and they have the right ideas,” he said. “Chris Wazorko has been involved with the town for many years along with his family. He has always had the town’s best interests at heart.”

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