Plainville officer suffers apparent dislocated shoulder in suspect apprehension; another officer bitten

Published on Wednesday, 25 April 2018 16:59


PLAINVILLE - A local police officer suffered an apparent dislocated shoulder while apprehending a man who tried resisting arrest.

Anthony D’Amico, 28, of 174 Cooke St., also allegedly bit another police officer after he was taken to the police department on Tuesday, according to the police report. He faces charges of assault on an officer and resisting arrest.

The officer whose shoulder was injured could not continue his shift and had to seek medical attention. The officer who was bitten did not sustain a visible injury, police wrote in the report.

Officers were called to D’Amico’s home Tuesday, at about 6:20 a.m., after someone from the home said D’Amico was involved in some kind of a disturbance. Before police responded, they found that he was wanted for failing to appear in court in connection with a pending criminal case.

Police went to the home, but D’Amico was no longer there. A search of a wooded area near the home turned up nothing, and police left.

Shortly thereafter, police were again called and told that D’Amico was back at the home. After responding there again, police found D’Amico walking in the woods. He was told to stop by an officer, but he continued walking down the wooded trail, according to the report.

Another police officer then began walking up the trail, toward D’Amico, and told him to stop. He put his hand in his pocket and continued walking toward the officer, who then took out his gun. D’Amico, police said, yelled for the officer to shoot him. The policeman then put his gun away and tried to taser him, but it did not work properly. Instead, the officer wrestled D’Amico down to the ground until another policeman could help get him into handcuffs.

D’Amico allegedly struggled with officers and tried to escape their grasp. While he was flailing around, one of the officers felt his arm get pulled, suffering what was believed to have possibly been a dislocated shoulder.

Once back at the police department, D’Amico allegedly threatened to flood his jail cell, so police brought him to another cell that did not have a toilet or a sink, according to the report. He bit an officer’s knee while being taken to the new cell, police said.

D’Amico, who is being held on $50,000 bond, was also charged with second-degree failure to appear in connection with a violation of probation case. He was placed on probation in June after being convicted of possession of a controlled substance or cannabis. He is scheduled to appear in Bristol Superior Court on May 18.

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