Plainville man, charged after stolen gun recovery in Bristol, won't be prosecuted

Published on Thursday, 26 July 2018 14:34


BRISTOL - A Plainville man accused of illegally buying a stolen gun off the street, which was recovered in Bristol, has been granted a program that will allow him to avoid a conviction.

Bry Huey, 27, was granted a suspension of prosecution program during a hearing Thursday in Bristol Superior Court. The program is similar to other diversionary programs, but it's specifically designed for firearms cases that are considered “not of a serious nature.”

Huey has been ordered not to possess any firearms or pick up any new arrests until July 23, 2019, when the program will be over. If he's successful, charges of illegal transfer of a firearm and sixth-degree larceny will be dropped. In exchange for not objecting to the program, a state prosecutor required Huey make a $2,500 charitable donation.

According to the arrest warrant in the case, Huey claimed ownership of a stolen gun that was found on Sept. 19 at a home on Pine Street. Police that day received information indicating a local woman with mental health problems may have been in possession of a firearm.

Upon responding to the woman’s home, she denied having a gun or making any comments indicating she did. Police were eventually allowed by the woman to search her home for her safety, the warrant said.

Officers found 1,113 rounds of ammunition and a .22 caliber revolver -which was stolen from a Vermont gun store - in the woman’s bedroom, according to the warrant. As the discovery was made, the woman - who has not been charged - told police her friend, Huey, advised her not to let officers search her bedroom. She said he occasionally stayed at the household.

Huey later spoke to police and admitted to buying the gun about a month prior for $60 from a man in Southington, according to the warrant. He said he had no information about the seller. Huey also said the woman who had the gun in her bedroom had no idea it was there. When the gun was found, he did not have a pistol permit.

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