'They should have been here first thing this morning': Plainville town manager frustrated with Eversource response

Published on Wednesday, 5 August 2020 16:54


PLAINVILLE – With half of Plainville’s homes without power, Town Manager Robert Lee expressed great frustration with Eversource’s response.

“Approximately 5,000 out of 10,000 people in town are without power,” said Lee. “We have 15 to 20 trees hanging over streets and blocking roads throughout the community. Detours have been put into place.”

Lee said Eversource crews did not arrive in town to help until approximately 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday. This, he said, is “totally unacceptable.”

“They should have been here first thing this morning – I pleaded with them to get down here,” he said. “Our liason was very responsive but kept saying that they can’t tell us anything. They kept saying that Eversource was ‘evaluating’ the situation. There is only so much evaluating you can do before you need to go out and do something. When they arrived at 3:30 they provided us with only one crew. They are working with our town crews now and they said they are committed to work through the night to make areas safe where trees cross the road. They said they will take care of all of it tonight, but we’ll see. There are areas where roads are completely blocked. A tree went down near the YMCA yesterday and their crews did some work before leaving at 8 p.m. But, they did not clear the road and Farmington Avenue is still closed as of 4 p.m.”

In addition to downed trees, Lee said that there are traffic lights which are out along Route 10. Additionally, the town’s Recreation Department and Buildings and Grounds Department are without power. The senior center is without power as well but the building is currently closed. The pool at Norton Park will remain closed until power is restored and the town’s summer camp is canceled until power is restored. The splash pad at Paderewski Park remains open because power is still on at that location.

“We don’t know when power will be restored,” said Lee. “We have heard zero from them other than ‘days.’ They haven’t even gotten to the point where they can give us a date. It’s very frustrating that they have been so slow. I just want to hear that some progress is being made in Plainville.”

Meanwhile, Lee said that local police and public works crews have been working overtime. Police are directing traffic around obstructed roads and through intersections without power.

Lee advised residents to avoid any downed wires that they see. He also advised them to bring any tree limbs that can be physically moved to the curbside for eventual pickup.

“We do plan on picking up the tree limbs when we are done,” he said. “Move any tree limbs that you can move without equipment to the side of the road. No trunks or stumps; just stuff you can physically move to the curb. We will come to pick it up at some point in time.”

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