Good Vibes Gifts & Flowers opens in Plainville

Published on Tuesday, 12 January 2021 16:02


PLAINVILLE – Good Vibes Gifts & Flowers opened on Whiting Street, offering custom arrangements and a variety of handmade crafts.

Owner Melody Santos first started her business two years ago in Southington, and opened at her new location at 21 Whiting St. Monday.

“I had started to build a name but I was very far back from the road,” she said. “I felt I could have more visibility and a better presence here. And, coming from Bristol, I was really excited to work in the Plainville community.”

Santos described her shop as a “full service florist” that avoids “cookie cutter” arrangements in favor of a more personalized approach.

“I take a lot of interest in what my customers are looking for, what message they are trying to convey with the arrangement and how they want it personalized,” she said. “I put a lot of time and energy into little details. A lot of people who have come to me in the past were attracted to the name – they knew they were going to get something cheerful. Even with funerals, I create ‘tribute arrangements’ which encompass something personal about the person who has passed.”

Santos said, as an example, she incorporated a navy medallion and rope into an arrangement of red, white and blue flowers in tribute to a customer’s relative who served in the U.S. Navy.

Good Vibes’ logo used to feature a daisy symbol and Santos said her new one will feature a sunflower.

“Even through sunflowers are the toughest to work with, they were everyone’s favorite,” she said. “We want customers to know that they will be getting something full, beautiful, special and happy.”

People can purchase arrangements and other products from Good Vibes Gifts & Flowers online store. They also offer free deliveries for Plainville residents.

In addition to floral arrangements, Santos said Good Vibes Gifts & Flowers carries “refreshingly different” items including handmade crafts from local artisans, environmentally conscious products and handmade international fair trade merchandise.

“Good Vibes has uplifting plaques, all natural candles, creams and lotions, purses and bags, baby gifts, hostess gifts, greeting cards, growth mindset children's books and even incense and garden gifts,” she said. “We have gift ideas for occasions and ages.”

Santos said she also aims to build relationships with other local businesses and nonprofit organizations. She said she plans to network with Rosie’ Royal Chocolates in Southington and the “The Li ’l Plant Shop” located across the street. In the past, she said she has also worked with local nonprofits, schools and daycares to create craft activities for kids.

“It is our hope to network and work together to form alliances that help other small businesses in the area as well,” Santos said. “We are a very community-centered store and we always like to help keep everyone positive.”

Santos said she met “some wonderful people” at her previous location and she is sure she will in Plainville too.

“It will be a very comfortable place,” she said. “At my previous shop, people just enjoyed coming to see us. We are extremely friendly and take the time to work with you. People always commented that the ‘felt the good vibes.’ I’m glad that we were able to achieve that in Southington and we’re looking forward to being a part of the Plainville community.”

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