Plainville Democrats announce slate of candidates for November elections

Published on Wednesday, 28 July 2021 14:15


PLAINVILLE – The Plainville Democratic Town Committee announced its slate of candidates for the election in November.

Rebecca Martinez, chair of the Plainville Democratic Town Committee, said the committee’s recent endorsement meeting was “filled with energy and enthusiasm.”

“I am so excited and proud of our slate of candidates,” she said. “All of these candidates are all deeply involved in our community and have the experience needed to lead.”

The Democratic candidates for Town Council include incumbents Rosemary Morante, Chris Wazorko and Jesse Gnazzo as well as Quinn Wazorko Christopher, who has served on the council in the past. Benjamin Gediman is a newcomer.

Gediman described himself as a lifelong Plainville resident, fourth generation. He said he loves his town, cares about it and wants to see it succeed.

“It the citizens see something wrong, I want them to come to me,” he said. “Let’s work on it together and figure it out.”

Gediman recently retired as the president of the Plainville High School athletic backers, a role which he has served in for the past eight years. He also served as chair of the town’s 150th anniversary celebration. He served on the Little League board for four years, coached softball in town for three years and co-chaired the committee which transferred Gnazzo Field to a softball field. He currently is a member of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board.

Gediman said he had considered running for the town council for many years. Many on the Democratic Town Committee had been asking him to run. Now that his youngest child has graduated high school, he said, he felt it was the time.

“I see things that are wrong in the town and I can’t sit back and let them happen anymore,” he said. “I’d like to have a say in what happens in the town.”

Gediman said if he is elected he wants to see the walking path at Norton Park paved. The path, he said, is currently gravel and goes between apartments and the soccer field. This gravel, he said, often ends up in the road and becomes a hassle for drivers and pedestrians.

Gediman said he also feels that the town council should have more oversight over the town manager.

“I don’t have a problem with him per say, it’s the process,” he said. “I think that the council needs to be more involved.”

Gediman also wants to make downtown revitalization a priority.

“The town just received a grant for the remediation of the White Oak building and I want to make sure that goes through,” he said. “I also want to make sure that there is parking for people downtown. The lot on Whiting Street is owned by the Petit family and while it has worked out well, it’s not enough. My idea is to have a parking lot behind the White Oak property leading up to the river and the train tracks. There will be more foot traffic downtown if there is better parking.”

Gediman said another of his goals if elected is to find more ways to support volunteers in town, especially the town’s volunteer firefighters.

“Our community has a phenomenal volunteer base and I want to keep it going,” he said. “Our tax bills would be a lot higher if we had a paid fire department. We need to find a way to bolster our volunteers at the fire department.”

The endorsed Democratic candidates for the Board of Education include incumbents Brent Davenport and Becky Tyrell and newcomer Dayna R. Snell.

The Democratic candidates for Constables include Bill Garrity, Shelley Johnson, Kathleen Michalik and Michael Verrett.

The Plainville Democratic town committee has also endorsed Patricia Fongemie for library trustee.

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