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Published on Friday, 7 April 2017 20:52


SOUTHINGTON - Digital media company Rebel Interactive Group, which moved into a space above Ideal Tavern on Center Street last December, hopes to stay on the cutting edge of digital design with creative, outside-the-box thinking.

Rebel Interactive Group creates video content, develops mobile applications and assists with social media and search engine marketing. They serve national and international clients, predominantly in Boston and New York, and have recently begun to work with local companies such as Southington Dental Associates and Ideal Tavern.

Bryn Tindall, owner of the 3-year-old company, said he moved into his current 3,500-square-foot location at 142 Center St. after a brand new first and second floor were built following a fire. Rebel Interactive Group was previously located in Farmington.

The move, he said, came due to Southington’s highway accessibility and the fact that the new space could support Rebel Interactive’s non-traditional office space model. Their previous space, Tindall said, was several linked-up sheds.

Tindall said Rebel Interactive doesn’t believe in the “cubicle farm” model. The office is setm up more like a Starbucks or Panera Bread lounge and is decorated with inspirational sayings and posters of rebellious rock stars like Billy Idol.

“Our strategy is to create a space where our employees can co-work; nobody has a set desk,” he explained. “This model is starting to become fashionable in many larger cities. My viewpoint is that we don’t require you to show up to work every day; you can work from home and talk to your fellow workers in a Skype chat. Then, when workers come in they naturally seek each other out to continue the multiple conversations that they have started. I call this the virtual-hybrid model. I find the cubicle format to be restrictive and I can’t imagine being comfortable working like that every day.”

“I feel that this model fosters teamwork and creativity,” said Neil Frutuoso, account executive. “You can walk around and talk to your co-workers and become involved in many different aspects of business.”

“It’s like cross-pollinating,” said Julie Curtiss, senior copywriter. “We have different teams but we all work with each other on different things throughout the day. We’re like a family here; there is no backstabbing and people feel like they are free to bring up the stupidest ideas they can come up with.”

Tindall, who currently employs 35 people, said he is looking to hire those who are “nice” but also able to think creatively and come up with new and unique ideas.

“Our focus is always on people,” he said. “We try to attract smart and collaborative people; we’re interested in people who come from nontraditional backgrounds, those who have an entrepreneurial spirit and those who challenge the status quo. Our customers have told me that they consider working with people like that to be a treat. They like that we are willing to challenge them and have a candid, heart-felt dialogue.”

Tindall said he has started up 12 businesses, many of which were “before their time” such as a Linked-In like social media network for professionals that he developed in 2001. At the time, he said, people were not keen on the idea of showing who they are friends with on the internet.

“With digital media the first big shift was the internet, then came mobile devices and in the past few years the big focus has been on virtual, immersive content,” he said. “That technology is just about here and pretty soon we are going to be working on creating content that people can interact with on a 360 degree view, not just a flat image.”

For more information on Rebel Interactive Group, visit or call 860-930-1105.

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