Hartford woman spit on police after taking clothes off in Southington restaurant, eating money: police

Published on Thursday, 25 January 2018 17:38


SOUTHINGTON - A Hartford woman has been accused of kicking at police officers and spitting on them when she was being taken to the hospital after she took her pants off at a local restaurant and ate dollar bills.

Lexus Artwell, 21, is facing charges of assault on a police officer, interfering with an officer, second-degree breach of peace and possession of less than a half ounce of cannabis.

According to the arrest warrant, an employee of Denny’s, located at 621 Queen St., called police on Dec. 13 and said a customer was acting odd. When an officer arrived, the complainant directed him to a woman sitting at the counter who was not wearing any pants.

The Denny’s employee told police the woman had come into the restaurant, ordered food and fell asleep at the counter, the warrant said. Shortly thereafter, a man came into the restaurant and put a bag next to Artwell, before leaving.

The employee tried to wake Artwell up to tell her about the bag, but she asked to be left alone. The waitress then brought out Artwell’s food and tried to wake her up, but she was unable to get her up. Artwell woke up after she fell out of her chair.

Artwell, according to the warrant, then walked over to a table, took off her pants and underwear and urinated in the booth. She then put her underwear back on, left her urine-soaked pants at another table and walked back to the countertop to eat her food, the warrant said. She then was seen putting red sauce on some dollar bills and eating them.

When the officer approached Artwell, she was still eating her dollar bills. She told police she thought she was in Waterbury. She told police she did not want medical attention and, when she stood up, quickly lost her balance and fell back into her chair, the warrant said.

Police, who noted in the warrant that Artwell appeared under the influence of something, said she refused to put her pants on. By this time, medics arrived at the restaurant, and Artwell asked that they bring her to her hotel room.

The medics told Artwell she needed to go to the hospital because she apparently had used an unknown amount of alcohol or drugs, but she said “no.” She then attempted to leave the restaurant, but she instead ended up in the corner of the business, police wrote in the warrant.

Artwell continued to refuse medical treatment, shouting at times to be left alone, and admitted to drinking whiskey and vodka, the warrant said. Multiple officers then forcibly placed her onto a stretcher, where medics secured her hands and feet. Police said she kicked and contorted her body violently as she was being secured.

Artwell was then given a sedative. As she was being placed into an ambulance, police said, she was able to free her legs and began kicking police and medics. She then allegedly spit on officers.

Artwell was brought to the Hospital of Central Connecticut, in New Britain, where staff members found that she had a bag of marijuana on her. She was not arrested until earlier this month.

Artwell, who is free on a $2,500 non-surety bond, is scheduled to appear in Bristol Superior Court on Feb. 21.

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