SECOND LOOK: Saying is believing: Southington is the best

Published on Wednesday, 28 March 2018 20:07
Written by Art Secondo

People are saying it. People are repeating it. People are spreading the word.

Southington is a great place. Some call it pride. Some call it wishful thinking, but whatever it’s called, it’s becoming a fact that Southingtonians are becoming vocal about the good things of Southington.

More and more citizens are vocally expressing their admiration of the place they call “home.”

The crime issue may be open to debate by those who stare at the “half full, or half empty” glass thing, but Southington rates a B-plus on the crime scale. Southington folks feel safe and, if that’s half of the “feel better” syndrome, then let it be.

The community pride thing is all Southington. Few, if any, towns can compare to the generous and supportive role performed by everyday citizens. Good or bad, people here usually agree that community pride is alive and has been alive for decades.

What do we have in Southington?

We have restaurants. We’ve got some of the best, and all kinds: big ones and small ones, fancy restaurants and those at which you order from your car window. We are home to so many restaurants that, if our neighboring towns shut down every one of their eateries, 45,000 Southington residents could eat three meals a day for months without leaving Route 10.

For its 36-square-mile size, 200 miles of roads and more than 16,000 residences, Southington puffs its chest when it comes to providing fun stuff.

Recreation Park is only one example. Long regarded as a pine tree-laden picnic groove with some ball fields, it is now embellished with an in-ground pool and children’s wading area, picnic sections for small and large gatherings, tennis courts, basketball courts, softball and baseball fields and a fishing pond.

Memorial Park has the same kind of pool and plenty of shaded picnic areas. At Panthorn Park, there is a pond for fishing, basketball, tennis and softball and baseball fields. Crescent Lake has a gorgeous view, walking trails, boating available, picnic tables.

And don’t forget Rails to Trails. While other towns dream of old railroad tracks becoming friendly walking paths, Southington has a 6-mile stretch of paved former tracks to enjoy.

Last but not least in our list of attributes is the Town Green. The green has been, is today, and will remain the focal point of Southington. It is sacred ground. It is pampered but hardly coveted when citizens walk on its grass during festivals and concerts.

Towns are losing their center focal points, also affectionately known as “the center of town.” We have it. Search Google Earth and you’ll see few town greens remaining.

We’ve have a park for dogs to stretch and run. We’ve have a YMCA, which has been rated as one of the largest and best. We’ve have a museum and great library.

We also have plenty of bars, a ski area, easy access to an amusement park, a truck stop, a movie theater, more than eight hotels and much more.

Can you see a winning “tradition?” Well, we have that, too. It’s on all our athletic fields year after year.

We showcase two festivals each year. One glamorizes the apple and the other Italian heritage.

Religious? We have churches at every end of town and the icon of picturesque churches right across from the Town Green.

Southington is alsoblessed with adjacent highways and diehard Southington natives who had the money and perseverance to make downtown Southington special.

We’ve got great government, too. We have a town manager with nine volunteer residents called councilors.

Police and fire equipment? The best. Our uniformed men are outstanding. Our water is also clean and protected.

Southington reigns in popularity and comfort. It reigns in public safety and in quality of life. It bends now and then, but doesn’t break. It grows steady but never too fast. It bleeds in honor of those who have served and are gone.

This is your town. Believe in it.

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