SECOND LOOK: Snowmobiles return to Southington

Published on Monday, 3 December 2018 18:47
Written by Art Secondo

It’s been a few years since I’ve seen snowmobiles parked at night in front of coffee shops and restaurants during or after a storm.

The visibility of snowmobiles had apparently dwindled, except now the excitement and fun of riding a winter moving machine with sleds is enjoying a comeback. Interest in ATV’s (all-terrain vehicles) and jet skis is also back, and as long as snow falls, there are paths to be discovered and bodies of water stay friendly, business is brisk for dealers.

In Southington, Jamie and Jesse Sewell, friends since high school, own Southington PowerSports situated on Flanders Street. Jamie, who took a strong liking of snowmobiles at a young age, and Jesse both have accepted Southington as the place to do business.

“I’ve always had my eye on this town,” proclaims Jamie, adding he’s followed the rapid pace of economic development. “Southington was an easy choice for us especially since we live here,” he added.

Jesse and Jamie both love the sport, although many think it’s a dying sport to own and ride a snowmobile, they see that people are starting to re-discover it.

Jesse has adapted herself as a down to earth female adviser when it comes to teaching nervous women about the vehicles. She is also a full-time mom.

They both agree providing families with enough info is vital. Snowmobiles may be winter attention grabbers but ATV’s are active in numerous states all year and jet skis are popular wherever warm weather and water are partners, they stated.

Now, after a year of settling in at a convenient location and navigating through town regulations, the pair firmly insist that personal service and offering an extensive pre-purchase familiarity course, that the community will support them.

“Our first customers, and continue to be customers, are state troopers,” boasts Jamie, who contends that troopers, “are big on snowmobiles and the rest.”

While shining up a used snowmobile after being serviced, a youthful Jesse peeks out the garage window and says, “Southington is a charming town and we want to be part of the community involvement.”

The town recently approved use of the Flanders building for limited display and repairs.

Posted in New Britain Herald, Southington Herald on Monday, 3 December 2018 18:47. Updated: Monday, 3 December 2018 18:49.