Fairy dust was in the air at the Barnes Museum this Saturday

Published on Saturday, 1 June 2019 16:24
Written by Michelle Jalbert


SOUTHINGTON - There were some very special visitors at the Barnes Museum this Saturday.

Four fairies, each with their own unique superpowers, flew over to the museum for a Fairy Tea Party.

The party, put together by the museum and the Southington Library featured photo shoots, crafts, story time, games, dancing and more.

“It’s going to be fantastic - a nice day in the sun,” said Molly Virello, a children’s librarian at the library. “It’s encouraging people to get outside and see all the cool things.”

Kids dressed in colorful outfits and fairy wings roamed around the flowery grounds. Some wearing tiaras and carrying wands talked to the fairies. Others completed a natural scavenger hunt, where they identified trees, leaves and flowers. Bubbles flew up from a bubble maker and floated between the trees outside the museum.

“They have beautiful grounds,” Virello added.

Completing the magical scene were the four fairies. They posed for photos and told the kids about themselves.

“I like to create things out of everything I see,” said Tinkerbell, a tinker fairy. “We’re really just here to bring some pixie joy.”

Terrence, meanwhile, was a dust keeper fairy.

“I’m responsible for keeping all the fairy dust in order,” Terrence said, adding that fairies need dust to fly.

The fairy Vidia, a fast-flying fairy, especially needed that fairy dust so she can soar through the sky.

“My talent is that I bring wind wherever it needs to go,” said Vidia.

“I help point the sunshine to where light needs to go,” said Iridessa, a light fairy. “I’m always fun and cheerful and bubbly.”

“You could say she’s actually glowing,” Vidia added.

The Fairy Tea Party was a family event.

“We worked to add an adult component to it,” said Liz Chubet, the adult program coordinator for the library. Adults could do their own crafts and tour the museum.

“And this,” Chubet said, referring to a decorated fairy jar, “has been a huge success because they’re so cute.”

Chubet added that the library and museum have planned this event for months.

“What a perfect place to have it with the backdrop of this historic home,” said Marie Secondo, curator at the museum.

“Fairies are very popular in Southington,” Secondo said. She said that every time there is a fairy festival or other event, there seems to be a large turnout.

The Fairy Tea Party was no exception.

“It’s wonderful. It’s so nice how they’re doing something nice for the kids,” said Bridghid Thompson who went to the party with her 4-year-old daughter Ellie.

When asked how she liked the tea party, Ellie, dressed in purple wings replied, “It’s cool!”

Donna Sommer brought her 3-year-old granddaughter Madison to the party.

“Madison was so excited since last night. She was going to fly here to see all the fairies,” said Sommer. “Tinkerbell is her favorite.”

The fairies asked Kate Beebe, 9, about her hobbies. She told them about her passion for dancing and her dance recital happening the next day.

“I did a turn and she (her sister) did a leap,” Kate said.

“And you flew higher because of the pixie dust,” added her mother, Debbie.

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