SECOND LOOK: A Q&A on the election, football and much more

Published on Wednesday, 4 December 2019 20:14
Written by Art Secondo

What’s your opinion of the recent town election?

The results were typical of Southington town elections. One party rules for several terms and then voters hand over the reins to the other. In the recent election, Republicans swept because of the name recognition of their candidates. Voters like familiar names and despite a favorable two-year report card for Democrats, the electorate believed different faces will change things that bother them, like taxes, schools, roads and traffic.

Why does our SHS high school football program excel every year?

A combination of tradition, youth football leagues and aggressive coaching. Southington players know losing is not part of wearing the blue and white and the town’s youth football players are eager to play football when they reach high school. Good equipment, student support and supportive administration. It’s a fact losing isn’t fun.

Is there a reason for traffic complaints about Queen and West streets?

The town’s Economic Development Department is doing what it is supposed to do … bring tax-paying entities in places that are zoned for business. Both these streets have enormous business opportunities for retail and commercial outlets. The tax advantages for the town often isn’t publicized, but additional traffic comes with the added taxes. The only way to halt development regarding businesses or new housing is for zoning parcels to be re-examined.

Is the annual Apple Harvest Festival reaching maximum vendors?

It comes down to dollars. Many believe downtown is getting too crowded with food vendors, commercial tents and people. However, until the town begins to lose money as the overall sponsor, the festival will remain crowded.

Yet, many who complain usually are the same ones who love the crowds, food and carnival. The entertainment is excellent, but the carnival needs to be adjusted for more inexpensive rides for youngsters. Fifty-one years is a successful staple.

Who is the author James Benn?

The Southington High graduate is a historical mystery writer who has written numerous books and is the award-nominated author of Billy Boyle World War II mysteries.

When a street sign is missing, who do we call?

Occasionally, a street sign gets damaged and not replaced, so call the town manager at 860-276-6200.

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