Southington remains optimistic during coronavirus outbreak, says to support local restaurants

Published on Tuesday, 24 March 2020 14:06


SOUTHINGTON – Southington remains optimistic despite the impact of coronavirus upon daily life says Town Council Chair Victoria Triano.

Triano said that town leaders are having daily conferences with hospitals and medical teams and she assured residents that the town is “in good shape” with Hartford HealthCare in a Facebook video posted Sunday. She said Tuesday that town leaders continue to remain in communication with visual conference calling.

“The big thing we want to emphasize right now is that we need residents to stay home,” she said. “That is the only thing that will curb this virus. We are still waiting on vaccines, treatments and medications so the only thing we can do is stay at a safe distance from everyone.”

Triano said that, for the most part, residents have been following social distancing. However, that has not always been the case.

“Last week I drove by the animal park and there were lots of people standing right next to each other, not even heeding the six foot distancing,” she said. “Every person who is infected has the ability to infect many people. People have to understand how serious this is. It is not all hype and it is not a conspiracy theory. Follow the CDC’s procedures – wash your hands, sanitize frequently touched surfaces and keep away from people.”

Other than social distancing, Triano encouraged residents to support local restaurants. Southington, she pointed out, has many restaurants which are struggling at this time since they can only do pick-up at the door.

“Every day I order something from a different business,” she said. “I’m hoping that this is making a difference and I will suggest that people also continue to support them – not just with your orders but with gratuities.”

Triano said that local grocery stores are looking better, but that some paper goods remain hard to find. She expects this to improve, however, within a week.

“There is no reason to hoard; it’s foolish,” she said. “Manufacturers are getting these products out as soon as they can and hoarding just holds up the process. Just take what you need. No one needs 10 bottles of hand sanitizer.”

On the Town Council level, Triano said that she and her fellow council members are in agreement that the budget should be “kept as low as possible” this year given the circumstances. However, she said that revenues will also be lower due to less investments being made at this time.

Outside of her role as the chair of the Town Council, Triano is continuing to work as a pastor. She said that she has been working to re-assure them as much as she can.

“Sometimes they are scared and they have a right to be,” she said. “They are seeing on TV how horrible this virus is and that it is killing thousands of people. But, we have to walk with what we believe in and trust in our God. Even though we are anxious, we need to stop and think about how blessed we are and that way we will find calm in our hearts.”

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