Southington man allegedly tried throwing pregnant woman down stairs, choked her; injured officers during arrest

Published on Thursday, 13 August 2020 14:43


SOUTHINGTON – A local man arrested this week has been accused of assaulting a pregnant woman and resisting police, causing minor injuries to officers.

Police said Jeffrey Bowman, 21, of 821 Old Turnpike Road, allegedly assaulted a woman during a domestic violence incident in July, trying to throw her down a flight of stairs before allegedly striking her in the face and choking her.

According to police reports, officers on Monday, around 10:45 p.m., were dispatched to Bowman’s home after being told by a family member that he was intoxicated and attempting to leave the home in a vehicle. When police arrived, Bowman fled, but was not pursued, as police noted in their report, there was no evidence he had committed any crime.

The family member who called police asked officers to ensure Bowman was safe, according to the police report. Police were also told that Bowman had a warrant for his arrest and he had fought police in the past, the report continued.

Officers located Bowman on Deckert Drive, where police said he walked toward an officer and screamed at him. The officer, according to the report, repeatedly instructed Bowman to stop, but he continued toward him. Once he was “squared up” with the officer, police wrote in their report, another policeman came behind Bowman and reached for his wrists.

Police said Bowman resisted and was brought to the ground, where he refused to be handcuffed, shouted profanities, “demanded oral sex” and used racial slurs toward officers. Upon finally getting the 21-year-old into handcuffs, police found a small bag of marijuana in his pocket, according to the report.

Multiple officers received minor injuries during the scuffle, including one who reported an abrasion to his knee, which included redness and minor bleeding.

Bowman was charged with assault on a police officer and possession of marijuana. Police also charged him in connection with the July domestic violence incident.

In that case, police said, a woman who was pregnant went to the police department on July 25 and said that, last night, Bowman was intoxicated when he tried to throw her down a flight of stairs because she wanted him to take a shower. The woman told police she punched him in the face, indicating it was in self-defense, according to the report.

Bowman stumbled around a bit before he fell down the stairs, injuring his face and head, police wrote.

The next morning, Bowman began screaming at the woman and tried to rip her off the bed, she told police, the report said. She threw water at him before he struck her face and choked her, police wrote.

According to the police report, the victim did not wish to make a written statement and, at one point, changed her mind about talking to police and did not want to get Bowman in trouble. When an officer told her police were mandated to respond based on Connecticut’s domestic violence laws, the woman became upset and said she had been “tricked,” the report indicated. She later said “This is why we should defund the [expletive] police,” before indicating she “lied” to police, according to the report.

Bowman, who was arrested Monday, faces charges of assault of a pregnant person and disorderly conduct. He was arraigned Tuesday in New Britain Superior Court, where his bond was set at $75,000, which he has not posted, judicial records indicated Thursday. Bowman has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

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