Ribbon is cut at Cowork New Britain

Published on Thursday, 21 June 2018 20:58
Written by Karla Santos

Staff writer

NEW BRITAIN - Mayor Erin Stewart and other city officials joined Cowork New Britain owner Jonathan Johnson on Wednesday a ceremonial ribbon cutting at the new shared working space.

Johnson is the founder of the new business, at 117 W. Main St.

“We are proud to welcome Jonathan Johnson and his co-working concept to downtown New Britain,” Stewart, said. “New Britain has long been a home of innovative movers and shakers, and we are excited to help foster a new generation of entrepreneurs and small business owners.”

The idea of the new business is to supply shared office space for businesses and individuals.

Cowork New Britain offers a membership that includes dedicated desks, meeting rooms and a space for conferences that will allow members to hold events and seminars.

So far, Cowork New Britain has interested two businesses in working at the new space.

Former Mayor Tim Stewart, president of the New Britain Chamber of Commerce, praised Johnson for opening a shared working space because there aren’t many like it in the area.

“It is nice, because we deal with a lot of young entrepreneurs and new businesses especially through ITBD (CCSU’s Institute of Technology and Business Development) and they are always looking for space,” Stewart said. “Cooperative space is actually a lot cheaper and easier for people to get their feet on the ground.”

In addition, Stewart said, the new business is ideal in terms of the services it provides and its location.

Johnson said he started Cowork New Britain not only for his personal growth, but because he wants it to contribute to the growth of the city.

“With New Britain possessing so much talent in our community, the widespread available public resources downtown, and the ease of the commute to New Britain from surrounding communities, the Downtown District of New Britain is an ideal place to offer this coworking concept,” Johnson said. “Being a longtime New Britain resident, I wanted to contribute to helping more small businesses and entrepreneurs start to grow their businesses in my cty, with the belief that as Cowork New Britain fosters more entrepreneurial success, these businesses will create more job opportunities and be a catalyst for economic growth in our city.”

John Vasellina is a friend of Johnson and owns a coworking space in West Hartford. Vasellina said shared working spaces are great because they help individuals and businesses support each other.

“More coworking is better,” Vasellina said, while wishing the new business to do well.

Cowork New Britain can be contacted at info@coworknewbritain.com.

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