Telserv: 16 years of tech solutions

Published on Thursday, 27 September 2018 21:09
Written by Karla Santos


CROMWELL - Telserv is a Connecticut-based company that has offered its services for 16 years, focusing primarily on technology.

Telserv works with small, medium and large businesses to develop solutions for their data, voice and security needs in the areas of cloud, hosted and premise-based solutions.

“We want companies to be able to utilize the technology that they have so they don’t just throw it all away, but also be prepared to add emerging technologies that are going to make them the best in their own industry,” David Stearns, chief strategy officer at Telserv, said.

Telserv mainly serves customers in the health care industry, such as Hartford HealthCare and other hospitals in Connecticut and around New England.

“From New York City up through Massachusetts, we have more than 50 health care facilities that we currently provide support for,” Jim Colella, Telserv’s chief executive officer, said.

Telserv is a service-oriented business. That’s one of Bill Longo’s favorite things about working for the company.

“That’s probably one of the biggest things about here is that the customers are Number 1 and it’s all the way through, from the techs that are out in the field all the way up to our partners,” Longo said.

“Service is our focus. That’s our brand,” Colella said. “That’s what brought us to where we are. It’s the reputation we have in delivering our service. But how we do that is what I think is unique to a lot of companies. It starts with our people at Telserv and the culture that we are focused on building.”

That same culture is another thing Longo likes about working for Telserve.

“Working here has been great. Everybody is very close-knit, like a family,” Longo said. “Everybody does things just to get it done for the customer. Nobody says, ‘That’s not my job.’ ”

Colella added that the family environment is what has allowed Telserv to get involved in the community with events such as the Cystic Fibrosis Cycle for Life.

The event, which was held on Sept. 22 in Middletown, is a fundraiser to support people living with CF.

Colella and his wife co-chaired the event in support of their two granddaughters who live with the disease.

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