Metal Fortress Radio expands its brand

Published on Thursday, 25 October 2018 20:44
Written by Karla Santos


NEW BRITAIN - Metal Fortress Radio is rebranding and will start to participate as a vendor at events including concerts, home and bridal shows and children’s fairs.

The station will have a booth at each event with a designated area for its affiliates, which will include social media, websites and commercial exposure.

Tommy Blardo and Christine Palmer are the owners of Metal Fortress Radio and the hosts of the station’s shows.

During events, Blardo and Palmer produce video clips that they immediately share on their web page and social media sites to increase the events’ attendance.

Metal Fortress Radio started in 2004 as a podcast, but in 2014, the station’s owners decided to make adjustments to reach out to a bigger audience.

“We got big really fast, we are known by so many personalities and bands around the world,” Palmer said. “People wanted more and something new, fresh, and they loved it.”

Encouraging listeners to tune in on different platforms has played a big role in the station’s recent growth.

Metal Fortress Radio’s programs are heard on internet radio as well as on WHUS 91.7 FM. The station also has a free mobile app for easier accessibility.

Metal Fortress Radio is interactive on social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Through those sites, Blardo and Palmer connect with listeners, musicians and bands.

The station’s website recently recorded 28,700 views in 1 1/2 years.

Another achievement for Metal Fortress Radio was completing the final Cross Country Vans Warped Tour, a summer music festival that has crossed the country for 24 years.

Blardo and Palmer were able to participate in shows at tour stops around the country throughout the summer.

One of the shows at Metal Fortress Radio is called “Metal Drive By,” and airs Tuesdays from 5 to 7 p.m.

“We play all the newer music that none of the FM stations are playing in the state because it’s all classic rock in the state,” Blardo said. “If it’s not classic rock, it’s hip-hop, so we are right in between there.”

“We play the most obscure rock metal that you would ever find,” Palmer added.

According to Palmer, Metal Fortress Radio plays 85 to 95 songs a week just in new music.

She contends that other FM stations play new rock songs only six or seven times a day.

In addition, music from national artists to garage bands is supported by the station.

“We are the only station in the state playing the new rock,” Blardo said. “There’s a big listening audience for what we play and that’s pretty much why a lot of people listen to us.”

“We are just genuine people with passion for music,” Palmer added.

For more information about Metal Fortress Radio, call 860-436-5872 or visit

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