Manufactory 4.0 hopes to advance state as tech hub

Published on Monday, 6 May 2019 19:56
Written by Karla Santos


NEW BRITAIN - Stanley Black & Decker’s new Manufactory 4.0 is looking to advance Hartford’s presence as a technology hub and supports Gov. Ned Lamont’s vision of making Connecticut the Silicon Valley of manufacturing.

Mark Maybury, chief technology officer of Stanley Black & Decker, said that Hartford’s historic past, being a place where tools and various kinds of technologies were created years ago, plays a big role in why Manufactory 4.0 is looking to advance Hartford’s presence as a technology hub.

Maybury said that Manufactory 4.0 partners with a number of Connecticut companies.

One of the companies that Manufactory 4.0 partners with produces machines that enable tool inspection.

“They have these automated screw boxes that can visually inspect to make sure that there are no errors in the parts that are produced,” Maybury said. “If you are producing parts for a car, for aerospace you want 100% confidence that the parts that you produced are not going to fail because they are life critical so that’s an example of a Connecticut company.”

But bringing local companies to collaborate in Hartford is not the only ambition of Manufactory 4.0. The center is also looking to collaborate with companies on a national scale.

According to Maybury, the work these companies do with Manufactory 4.0 helps with simplifying technology to make it more acceptable for workers.

“We are excited that we are contributing to the local ecosystem, but we are also plugging it into the broader ecosystem,” Maybury said.

An example of “thinking globally but acting locally, which is precisely what Manufactory is all about,” is TechStars, a program through Stanley Black & Decker which annually accelerates 10 manufacturing companies.

Maybury said that 70% of the companies that have participated in TechStars come from outside the U.S., which goes back to Frederick Stanley’s values when he founded the company. Maybury said that Stanley invited waves of immigrants to New Britain not only to be a part of his company, but to help them have better economic opportunity, allowing their families to prosper and allowing them to grow in the business.

The value of all the companies created by TechStars was $12 billion, Maybury said.

“Our ambition by 2030 is to have accelerated 50 or more companies and have many of those become economic engines in the state hopefully, but if not in the state, in the country,” he added.

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