Trifecta Ecosystems looks to take root in New Britain

Published on Thursday, 23 May 2019 20:58
Written by Karla Santos


NEW BRITAIN - Trifecta Ecosystems, preparing to open to the public in the fall, will be hosting a “pre-seedling sale” on Saturday as a way to connect with and get to know the community.

Hannah Hurwitz, director of community partnerships, said seedling sales will continue the tradition set by Urth Farms Organic, the previous occupant of Trifecta’s 207 Oak St. location,used to have an annual seedling sale when it operated at Trifecta Ecosystems’ location at 207 Oak St.

The seedling sales are on June 1 and 8.

“Saturday, May 25, is a pre-seedling sale, where we are not going to be promoting it too much, and what we want to do is invite our neighbors, people who live in the North-Oak area, to come at 9 a.m. for a get-to-know-you event,” Hurwitz said.

On Saturday, attendees will be able to participate on a guided tour of the farm grounds and will have an opportunity to ask questions about the business and its plants as well.

“It’s sort of to introduce ourselves to our neighbors,” Huwitz said. It’s basically just setting up a good foundation for us to have a good relationship and have transparency, openness and a dialogue with our neighbors. We are looking forward to opening the farm in the fall so we are going to be spending the summer building out our systems.”

According to Kieran Foran, founder and chief operating officer of Trifecta Ecosystems, the farm is being prepared to grow plants through aquaponic systems, a type of farming that allows fish and plants to grow in the same space.

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