New Britain Memorial & Sagarino Funeral Home: Decades of caring

Published on Tuesday, 20 August 2019 19:04
Written by Patrice Fisher

Staff Writer

NEW BRITAIN - In 1900, the Blogoslawski family began providing funeral services to the New Britain community in churches and homes.

Walter Blogoslawski’s grandfather had a dream of helping others in “the Hardware City of the World.”

The Blogoslawski Funeral Home was built on this dream in the 1960s and today is known as the New Britain Memorial & Donald D. Sagarino Funeral Home, located at 444 Farmington Ave. The funeral home provides service excellence with the longstanding patrons in the New Britain community.

“We have been building relationships for decades and it is important to be a good listener says Funeral Director Ann Targonski, who has been caring for families in New Britain for over 40 years.

Targonski feels that “in order to serve families that are suffering a great loss it is important to educate them with the various options the funeral home can provide, so they can make a decision that best suits their family’s needs, whether it is burial or cremation.”

In the 1960s, the Blogoslawski family was the first in the area to build a facility for funerals, at which time the name was changed to New Britain Memorial to serve people of all faiths, religions and ethnicities.

“Long-term relationships are key and families choose us because of the familiarity and knowledge customers have come to expect and appreciate through personal relationships and recommendations,” Targonski says.

In 1994, New Britain Memorial merged with the Donald D. Sagarino Funeral Home nearly a century after its founding. Each funeral home had a mutual interest in assisting families and together they were able to enhance the services provided to the community.

Today, Targonski tells us that “we still maintain these relationships with our families and because of our reputation they still come back for services just like generations before them.”

The New Britain Memorial & Donald D. Sagarino Funeral Home serves people of all faiths and denominations. They are able to accommodate services for whatever the customer requests.

“If it’s not illegal or immoral, we will do it!” Targonski jokes.

The funeral home offers burial and cremation, Life Well Celebrated services and has an Event Center catering hall for after the funeral services. They also have a Compassion Helpline and Bereavement Travel Services which are helpful in times of need. The Compassion Helpline service can be used for up to one year after funeral services free of charge, but Targonski emphasizes, “Even after a year, we don’t limit the amount of time that the person uses the service because each person grieves differently.”

Targonski says that “it is so important to plan ahead. Furthermore, there are many advantages to being prepared and planning your funeral in advance. When you take charge of your final arrangements, you take away the guesswork family members will face regarding your last wishes. The customer will personally decide whether they want a traditional burial or cremation instead of leaving these difficult decisions to loved ones”

Targonski also states that “funding prearrangements also allows you to lock in current pricing, protecting you and your loved ones against inflation. You can also spread the cost of your prearrangements over a period of several years.”

Outside the business, the New Britain Memorial & Donald D. Sagarino Funeral Home is active in the community. They sponsor outreach programs for seniors, such as the the senior prom.

“It’s not just an occupation, it’s a lifestyle. We are the place that families come back to in their time of need.” Targonski says.

Looking into the future, New Britain Memorial & Donald D. Sagarino Funeral Home is continuing its dedication to its community, relationship building, and making additions to its locations and staff.

For more information on New Britain Memorial & Donald D. Sagarino Funeral Home or for funeral planning inquiries, call 860-229-0444 or go to . An attendant is available to assist 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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