State puts restrictions on hotels, lodging due to COVID-19 outbreak

Published on Friday, 3 April 2020 16:18


BRISTOL – Area hotels declined to comment on the impact of the latest COVID-19 restrictions announced by Gov. Ned Lamont Thursday night, which prohibits all “non-essential” lodging.

Operators of lodgings now cannot provide lodgings to those with future reservations, bookings or agreements unless it is for outlined exceptions. Those occupying lodging as of March 31 are allowed to remain in their current lodgings through the end of their originally scheduled stay, but may not extend it except if covered in the exceptions.

The Herald and Press made attempts to reach out to area hotels, but managers who answered the phone at several locations declined to comment. Messages left with Hilton and Marriott hotel headquarters were not returned.

The restrictions will apply to all bed and breakfast establishments, hotels, motels, lodging houses rented for 31 days or fewer, professionally managed units rented for 31 days of fewer, short-term accomodations rented for 31 days of fewer, resorts, inns and timeshares.

Housing and accommodation are permitted only when offered and employed for:

*Healthcare workers, first responders and other workers who work for an essential business.

*Out-of-state workers engaged in transportation of materials, logistics and construction associated with the delivery of health-related services.

*Members of vulnerable populations, including but not limited to emergency shelter for people experiencing homelessness and victims of domestic violence, and persons returning from incarceration.

*Connecticut residents who are self-isolating or are subject to a quarantine order for no longer than the period required to complete the necessary period of self-isolation or quarantine.

*Families or roommates of individuals who are self-isolating or subject to a quarantine order for no longer than the period required to complete the necessary period of self-isolation or quarantine.

*Individuals receiving long-term, specialized medical care from a physician, and for accompanying family members.

*When required by extenuating circumstances such as fire or casualty to ensure the care and safety of Connecticut residents and to accommodate other persons unable to return to their own homes due to flight cancellations, border closures or other direct and material constraints on travel.

*Housing and accommodation for workers engaged in providing or servicing or maintaining lodging for any of the purposes described above.

Operators of lodgings are expected to make reasonable efforts to refund deposits or payments for those who cannot exercise bookings or agreements.

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