Object in NY police shooting was a welding torch

Published on Friday, 6 April 2018 22:12
Written by The Associated Press

NEW YORK (AP) - The metal object that was mistaken for a gun in a fatal shooting by officers turned out to be the head of a welding torch, according to New York Police Department officials.

Saheed Vassell’s father has told reporters that his son had previously worked as a welder.

Police seeking to quell simmering anger over their shooting of the mentally disturbed black man released a montage of security videos Thursday that showed him minutes earlier thrusting a metal object that looked like a gun into the faces of several people - including a woman holding the hand of her child.

A final video snippet showed the man raising the object in a two-handed shooting stance as police arrived, the edited video frozen just before officers unleashed 10 shots that left the 34-year-old Vassell dead.

The shooting in Brooklyn on Wednesday evening prompted two nights of protests among many who felt police should have known that Vassell, a fixture in the Crown Heights neighborhood, had emotional problems.

But Mayor Bill De Blasio didn’t lay blame on the officers, who were not from the local precinct and were passing through at the time. He said they had no information that the person they were confronting was mentally ill.

“It’s a tragedy because a man with a profound mental health problem ... was doing something that people perceived to be a threat to the safety of others,” de Blasio said at a news conference shortly before the images and a partial transcript of 911 calls were released.

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