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THEIR VIEW: Tariffs pose a mortal threat to newspapers

A recent decision by the United States Department of Commerce - to impose duties on Canadian newsprint imports - could end up killing many of America’s last remaining newspapers. The move followed a complaint by a single paper mill in…

icon Posted: 18 April 2018 [08:54 PM]

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Wednesday 04/18/2018
State employee contracts can nullify Connecticut law
icon Posted: 18 April 2018 [08:52 PM]

Will Connecticut’s recent concern about sexual harassment extend to a crucial detail in last week’s suspension of Central Connecticut State University professor Joshua Perlstein, who, according to the university’s student newspaper, The Recorder, has generated many such complaints over the…

Republican Party undergoing a political renaissance
icon Posted: 18 April 2018 [08:50 PM]

As President Donald Trump continues to remake the Republican Party in his image, calls for last rites to be given to American conservatism are not just premature - they’re entirely wrong. Accusing Republican voters of political apostasy for supporting Trump…

Barbara Bush was as genuine as her pearls were fake
icon Posted: 18 April 2018 [08:47 PM]

When Wellesley College invited Barbara Bush to speak at its 1990 graduation, protests broke out on campus. A hundred and fifty students spelled out their objections in a petition to the school’s president at the time, Nannerl Keohane: “Wellesley teaches…

Tuesday 04/17/2018
Comey should have never been FBI director
icon Posted: 17 April 2018 [08:09 PM]

I believe former FBI director James Comey is an able and sincere man. But by his own admissions, he is a timid leader who lacks poise when he needs it most. Comey’s own retelling of his encounters with President Donald…

YOUR VIEW: Memorandum is not about health and wellness
icon Posted: 17 April 2018 [08:09 PM]

By To The Editor: On Wednesday, March 14, Mayor Zoppo-Sassu announced that she had created a memorandum of understanding for the purpose of altering the fire schedule to 24/72 schedule; where firefighters work a 10 hour…

YOUR VIEW: 'Attack' on Aqua Turf was wrong
icon Posted: 17 April 2018 [08:07 PM]

By To The Editor: I have thought about this issue for a long time and have finally come to a decision on what we all are experiencing. These misguided public displays of emotion at honest, trustworthy…

OUR VIEW: Alex Jones' comments are untruthful and cruel
icon Posted: 17 April 2018 [08:06 PM]

The U.S. Constitution states: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and…

Monday 04/16/2018
THEIR VIEW: Poor people aren't bankrupting the nation
icon Posted: 16 April 2018 [09:04 PM]

Have you noticed how spending on welfare and other benefits for the poor is bankrupting the federal government? Neither have we. Last Monday, the Congressional Budget Office forecast a vast increase in the federal debt over the next decade, due…

GRANDDADDY'S SECRETS: Teen worries about being popular
icon Posted: 16 April 2018 [09:02 PM]

Dear Granddaddy, I’m worried about what other students think of me. I don’t want to be one of those dorks. So, sometimes I do things not to be. Dan M. - Teen trying to fit in. Dan, I know…

Bay State's litter problem is really piling up
icon Posted: 16 April 2018 [09:01 PM]

You’ve seen it yourself. The shoulders of roads blanketed in litter. Discarded furniture in nearby woods. Plastic items on the beaches after a storm. “We have a huge litter problem in Massachusetts that seems to be getting worse,” said Neil…

A profane president and a penitent pontiff
icon Posted: 16 April 2018 [08:59 PM]

The Washington Post WASHINGTON - A news interlude dominated by speculation about “golden showers” and a graceless president who described his latest detractor as an “untruthful slime ball” invites us to search for higher moral ground. So it might…

Trump was right to bomb Syria, but mission isn't over
icon Posted: 16 April 2018 [08:56 PM]

The Pentagon says Friday night’s missile and bombing strikes on three Syrian targets will “result in a long-term degradation” of Syria’s chemical and biological weapons capability. We hope that’s the case, in spite of the limited scope of the action.…

Sunday 04/15/2018
Their View: A sign of hope for the Trans-Pacific Partnership
icon Posted: 15 April 2018 [07:45 PM]

Nobody expects a coherent and consistent trade policy from President Donald Trump. But sometimes incoherence and inconsistency are to be welcomed. Trump has apparently directed his trade advisers to explore rejoining the Trans-Pacific Partnership. This instruction contradicts much of what…

State judges are under fire from lawmakers
icon Posted: 15 April 2018 [07:42 PM]

In Wisconsin, an election for an open seat on the State Supreme Court was so bitterly contested that voters were barraged with more than $2.6 million in television and radio ads. Most of the money was spent by partisan outside…

Social Security is becoming more generous, not less
icon Posted: 15 April 2018 [07:41 PM]

Bloomberg View Ronald Reagan once quipped that he didn’t worry about the budget deficit, because it was “big enough to take care of itself.” On that theory we should be relieved to learn that the Congressional Budget Office is projecting…

Friday 04/13/2018
Amid social promotion, grades mean nothing
icon Posted: 13 April 2018 [09:31 PM]

Two years ago school officials from Connecticut’s distressed cities and impoverished rural and mill towns paraded through the courtroom of Judge Thomas G. Moukawsher to testify about the horrible performance of their students, attributing it to education’s lack of money.…

OUR VIEW: Shop local, shop small
icon Posted: 13 April 2018 [09:31 PM]

It’s not easy being a small business owner in Central Connecticut. While the nation’s economy has bounced back from the 2008-2009 recession, Connecticut has lagged behind many states. Locally, while some cities and towns have enjoyed economic growth, others…

Say so long to idealist Speaker Paul Ryan
icon Posted: 13 April 2018 [09:31 PM]

WASHINGTON - Paul Ryan started his political life hoping to be the champion of a sunny, forward-looking conservatism. He will step down from the House speakership as the personification of conservatism’s decline. One is tempted to call Ryan’s journey tragic,…

Fear and loathing inside the Trump White House
icon Posted: 13 April 2018 [09:30 PM]

Fears that President Donald Trump will upend the Justice Department - by firing special counsel Robert Mueller III, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein or some combination of the above - have never been so warranted. The…

Thursday 04/12/2018
Democracy assistance is not the same as meddling
icon Posted: 12 April 2018 [07:07 PM]

Special to The Washington Post With continued revelations of Russia’s attempts to interfere in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, a specious narrative has come back into circulation: that Moscow’s campaign of political warfare is no different from U.S.-supported democracy assistance.…

Sinclair is really mad at CNN
icon Posted: 12 April 2018 [07:06 PM]

CNN was among many news outlets to highlight Sinclair’s creepy use of a “must-run” across a swath of its local television stations. “Some media outlets publish these same fake stories ... stories that just aren’t true, without checking facts first,”…

OUR VIEW: Like it or not, the NRA has the right to meet
icon Posted: 12 April 2018 [07:05 PM]

Are Americans becoming too politically correct? Are we too quick to jump on the bandwagon against a person, group or political party because it suddenly becomes socially acceptable to do so? Some may answer “yes.” Take the example of the…

Wednesday 04/11/2018
THEIR VIEW: Deploying troops to the border is not the answer
icon Posted: 11 April 2018 [08:41 PM]

Hundreds of National Guard troops on Friday began deploying to the Rio Grande Valley to guard the Southwest border, after President Donald Trump last week urged their activation, saying our border is lawless and allows anyone to come through. “Our…

YOUR VIEW: Spring for Education Gala a success
icon Posted: 11 April 2018 [08:39 PM]

By To The Editor: The Southington Education Foundation would like to thank all Southington residents for their support of the Spring for Education Gala. The well-attended event was held on March 24 at Mt. Southington’s Mountain…

YOUR VIEW: Dispatchers are the heroes behind the headsets
icon Posted: 11 April 2018 [08:38 PM]

By To The Editor: I am writing you this letter today to remind your readers that this is National Public Safety Telecommunicator Week, April 8-14. Our 911 dispatchers put forth heroic efforts every day to…

Ryan is abandoning the ship before it sinks
icon Posted: 11 April 2018 [08:36 PM]

The Post reports: “House Speaker Paul D. Ryan, R-Wis., has told friends and several colleagues that he has decided not to seek reelection this year and will soon inform colleagues of his plans, according to several people familiar with his…

Unfortunately for Trump, Cohen is no Cohn
icon Posted: 11 April 2018 [08:34 PM]

Bloomberg View When Donald Trump was a young Manhattan real-estate developer, and negotiations with competitors or partners reached an impasse, he would brandish a photograph of his pit-bull attorney, Roy Cohn. “Would you rather deal with him?” Trump would…

Tuesday 04/10/2018
To mock or mentor? A question for Marquette University
icon Posted: 10 April 2018 [07:44 PM]

WASHINGTON - There are few sympathetic characters in the landmark lawsuit between Marquette University and a suspended professor that’s heading later this month to the Wisconsin Supreme Court. The professor, John McAdams, is suing the university for indefinitely suspending him…

OUR VIEW: Little Poland Festival deserves our support
icon Posted: 10 April 2018 [07:42 PM]

It’s not just about the food. But anyone who has attended any one of the annual Little Poland Festivals in New Britain’s knows delicious Polish dishes and an unabashed display of Polish pride make this festival one of the city’s…

Monday 04/09/2018
U.S. postal workers should thank Amazon
icon Posted: 09 April 2018 [08:54 PM]

Whether the U.S. Postal Service’s relationship with Amazon is as unprofitable as President Donald Trump thinks it is, there’s one group that -- judging from government jobs data -- has undoubtedly benefited: mail carriers. For the most part, the advent…

GRANDDADDY'S SECRETS: Overworked teacher feels underappreciated
icon Posted: 09 April 2018 [08:53 PM]

Dear Granddaddy, I have worked very hard to become a teacher. And my students don’t seem to care about how much I know. Ben G. – frustrated and overworked teacher. Ben, what you went through to become a teacher would…

Trump doing the right thing by protecting border
icon Posted: 09 April 2018 [08:51 PM]

The president of the United States has a responsibility to secure the borders of the country. Additionally, our country’s sovereignty must not ebb and flow with the cultural and political machinations of the day. Tuesday, President Trump explained to reporters…

Michael Reagan: To opioid hell and back
icon Posted: 09 April 2018 [08:49 PM]

I’m feeling human again, thanks. After three weeks of living in opioid hell - of constantly being sick to my stomach, of throwing up, of having the shakes and feeling depressed and crying - my body and brain are back…

Latest development in Manafort case is big deal
icon Posted: 09 April 2018 [08:47 PM]

Two developments this week shed light on where special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s investigation might be heading. What grabbed most of the headlines was the news that prosecutors informed President Donald Trump’s lawyers that he is currently a subject,…

Sunday 04/08/2018
Their View: Low unemployment is not always a good thing
icon Posted: 08 April 2018 [06:43 PM]

Maine has its lowest unemployment rate in 40 years, and there is a larger number of Mainers working today than at any time in history. Good news, right? Not exactly. It is good news for the people who currently have…

Roseanne is raising the Barr
icon Posted: 08 April 2018 [06:42 PM]

Columnist Roseanne Barr has risen from the dead. After a lengthy absence from television, Roseanne and the rest of her fictional Conner family are once again gracing our living rooms. And now, as then, she’s not limiting herself to…

Trump and China tip their hands on tariffs
icon Posted: 08 April 2018 [06:40 PM]

Columnist In what’s already being dubbed the “Trump-Xi trade war,” the U.S. and China this week introduced competing lists of products that they say will be subject to aggressive new tariffs. Although the lists cover goods roughly equal in value,…

Mexico's election could leave economy in limbo
icon Posted: 08 April 2018 [06:39 PM]

Columnist When Felipe Calderon handed the presidential sash to Enrique Pena Nieto on December 1, 2012, Mexico’s economy was just pulling out of a four-year slump. The oil sector, which covered roughly a third of the federal budget, was in…

Friday 04/06/2018
Congress must repair damage to Voting Rights Act
icon Posted: 06 April 2018 [10:20 PM]

In the last speech of his life, on April 3, 1968, in Memphis, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. laid out the case for the dignity and equality of African-Americans as simply as he could. “We aren’t engaged in…

A White House spouse who can't be forced to shut up
icon Posted: 06 April 2018 [10:14 PM]

The Trump administration has found its Martha Mitchell. His name is George Conway. Mitchell, for those too young to remember the darkest days of Watergate, was the outspoken Arkansas-born wife of President Richard Nixon’s 1972 campaign manager and former attorney…

Laura Ingraham gets an economics lesson
icon Posted: 06 April 2018 [10:14 PM]

The fate of conservative pundit Laura Ingraham’s Fox News show is uncertain after a series of advertisers pulled their ads.Companies such as Bayer, Wayfair, Nestle, Hulu, Johnson & Johnson and several more either removed their ads or canceled plans to…

Social media looks like the new opiate of the masses
icon Posted: 06 April 2018 [10:13 PM]

With Facebook enduring a wave of public criticism for its cavalier approach to user privacy, it’s becoming more apparent how important social media has become. I suspect it will be many years before the true scale and scope of the…

The lesson striking teachers teach us
icon Posted: 06 April 2018 [10:13 PM]

WASHINGTON - To “reading, writing and arithmetic,” we can now add “solidarity.” The new teacher activism - born in West Virginia and spreading to Oklahoma, Kentucky and Arizona - is not a flash in the pan. And it’s about more…

YOUR VIEW: Transparency has disappeared in Bristol
icon Posted: 06 April 2018 [10:13 PM]

By To The Editor: So much for the transparency campaign promise. In November, voters made a very strong statement. They put a new party in charge giving the Democrats a six to one majority on the City Council.…

THEIR VIEW: Russia threat is growing
icon Posted: 06 April 2018 [10:13 PM]

Outgoing national security adviser H.R. McMaster on Tuesday became the latest senior Trump administration official to publicly warn that Western governments, including his own, are not doing enough to deter Russian aggression. “Some nations have looked the other way in…

YOUR VIEW: Tilcon proposal is unacceptable
icon Posted: 06 April 2018 [10:12 PM]

By To The Editor: I am a Town of Plainville business owner and a 15 year property owner. I am appalled with the Tilcon proposal and I am opposing their plan to expand the quarry onto 131 acres of…

Thursday 04/05/2018
An up close look at fake news versus fake news
icon Posted: 05 April 2018 [08:03 PM]

WASHINGTON - When fake news blasts traditional media for being “fake news,” how does one respond? Do you shout, I’m not fake, you are? Do you ignore the charge? If you don’t fight back, are you affirming the fool? If…