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Wednesday 11/24/2021
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YOUR VIEW: South Church staff thankful for repaired roof
icon Posted: 11 November 2021 [08:50 PM]

To the Editor: Earlier this year, the staff of South Church at 90 Main St. discovered damage to our roof. A flashing on the roof was partially displaced and disclosed a rotted beam underneath it. It is never pleasant when…

YOUR VIEW: Plainville Republicans thankful for Nov. 2 voters
icon Posted: 11 November 2021 [08:49 PM]

To the Editor: The Plainville Republican elected candidates for Board of Education and Town Council extend  our most sincere thanks to the voters for their overwhelming support during the recent election.  We will honor our pledge to maintain services within…

Wednesday 11/10/2021
Tuesday 11/09/2021
YOUR VIEW: Government should require all people vaccinated
icon Posted: 09 November 2021 [09:04 PM]

To the Editor: To prevent further spread of the coronavirus, we should require everyone to get fully vaccinated (including a possible third dose) – unless exempted by a sincerely held religious belief or medical condition. We should write to our…

YOUR VIEW: Something has to be done about rental crisis
icon Posted: 09 November 2021 [08:57 PM]

To the Editor: I, like hundreds of thousands in Connecticut and hundreds of millions nationwide, am struggling to afford rent. Just in Hartford County, rent is increasing on average 23% from last year. You can go on any community forum…

Monday 11/08/2021
YOUR VIEW: Nation's EMS system needs lots of help soon
icon Posted: 08 November 2021 [07:04 PM]

To the Editor The nation's EMS system is facing a crippling workforce shortage, a long-term problem that has been building for more than a decade. It threatens to undermine our emergency 9-1-1 infrastructure and deserves urgent attention by the Congress.…

Friday 11/05/2021
Wednesday 11/03/2021
YOUR VIEW: Pay to play for Newington vets banner unfair
icon Posted: 03 November 2021 [09:22 PM]

To the Editor: Newington Parks & Recreation hung a beautiful banner on Willard Avenue, just outside the Skatepark, honoring Newington veterans. The banner gives the impression that the town is honoring ALL Newington veterans, and listed their names in…

Monday 11/01/2021
Friday 10/29/2021
Wednesday 10/27/2021
YOUR VIEW: A 'Tribute to the Saints' of St. Thomas Aquinas HS
icon Posted: 27 October 2021 [09:13 PM]

To the Editor: The razing of the St. Thomas Aquinas High School building, now scheduled for October 28, only marks the end of the edifice. More importantly, the demolition will mark a unique opportunity. It is a point in time…

Monday 10/25/2021
YOUR VIEW: Turco: Please vote for Dems in Newington
icon Posted: 25 October 2021 [08:51 PM]

To the Editor: Next week’s municipal election will have long-lasting effects on the quality of life and future of Newington. There are three top priority issues at stake that, if you care about as much as me, need the entire…

Friday 10/22/2021
YOUR VIEW: Local rep's words are very wrong
icon Posted: 22 October 2021 [09:35 PM]

To the Editor: The Black and Puerto Rican Caucus is correct in condemning State Representative Gale Mastrofrancesco's faulty comparison of George Floyd's dying words, “I can't breathe” to those of children wearing masks in school. A man lying on the…

YOUR VIEW: Newington mayor: 'Keep it Going' for Republicans
icon Posted: 22 October 2021 [09:34 PM]

To the Editor: I am writing to let Newington residents know why they should vote for the Republicans to “Keep it Going” for another two years. The six of us have worked hard to ensure that Newington continues to grow…

YOUR VIEW: LWV president takes accusations personally
icon Posted: 22 October 2021 [09:31 PM]

To the Editor: Lying and liars are such harsh words and very hurtful. They also question an organization’s integrity. In the case of the accusations against the New Britain Area League of Women Voters (Herald, Oct. 7, 2021), I have…

Thursday 10/21/2021
Wednesday 10/20/2021
YOUR VIEW: Sweet memories about Sussman's grocery store
icon Posted: 20 October 2021 [01:29 PM]

To the Editor: Wonderful memories of times gone by: It was with great sadness to read about Dorothy Sussman’s death. I wonder if the family knew how much their grocery store meant to so many people that shopped there. For…

Monday 10/18/2021
YOUR VIEW: City needs to address safety issues at NBHS
icon Posted: 18 October 2021 [08:54 PM]

To the Editor: My daughter recently attended a high school football game and witnessed two girls fighting until the police intervened. Other students, including one girl’s boyfriend, did not like the police’s rough handling of the girls and confronted officers.…

Friday 10/15/2021
Wednesday 10/13/2021
Tuesday 10/12/2021
YOUR VIEW: Catanzaro supports all Plainville Republicans
icon Posted: 12 October 2021 [09:24 PM]

To the Editor:  I am lending my endorsement to the endorsed Republicans municipal candidates in Plainville.  They have demonstrated their experience in leadership, their capability to be fiscally responsible, and have shown time and time again their capacity and willingness…

YOUR VIEW: New Britain Alderman Thompson backs Catanzaro
icon Posted: 12 October 2021 [09:23 PM]

To the Editor: I Michael Thompson, alderman in the 4th Ward for New Britain, CT, have the pleasure of writing this letter of endorsement for Joey Catanzaro. I have known Joey Catanzaro for 10 years and find his character to…

YOUR VIEW: Stanley Golf Course needs to restore cart paths
icon Posted: 12 October 2021 [09:22 PM]

To the Editor: The greens, fairways and rough at the Stanley Golf Course continue to be maintained in an immaculate manner, thanks to the efforts of Superintendent Kevin DeVaux and his hard-working crew. There is, however one "fly in the…

Monday 10/11/2021
YOUR VIEW: Re-elect Pugliese to Plainville Town Council
icon Posted: 11 October 2021 [09:27 PM]

To the Editor:  I am writing to support Kathy Pugliese for re-election to the Plainville Town Council. Under Kathy's leadership the Republican led council has held the line on taxes and even lowered the mill rate for this year. She…

YOUR VIEW: Underwood for Plainville Town Council
icon Posted: 11 October 2021 [09:26 PM]

To the Editor: I am excited to vote for Dave Underwood again this November! Dave is an active and involved Town Council member in Plainville and was instrumental in keeping our mill rate at 0% two years in a row.  We…

YOUR VIEW: Keep the GOP majority on Plainville Town Council
icon Posted: 11 October 2021 [09:24 PM]

To the Editor: Plainville voters need to vote to keep the Republican majority for the Town Council. Under GOP leadership the Council has effectively responded to the Covid 19 crisis while keeping a control on spending and taxes. That is…

YOUR VIEW: These moms are choice for Plainville school board
icon Posted: 11 October 2021 [09:12 PM]

To the Editor:  Lori Consalvo, Cassandra Clark, and Rachel Buchanan are moms who actively pay attention to what their children are learning in school. They are exactly what every Board of Education needs, parents who care about what our children…

YOUR VIEW: Helvie is right person for Newington school board
icon Posted: 11 October 2021 [09:11 PM]

To the Editor: It was of no surprise to hear that a fellow Newington resident and friend was interested in joining the Board of Education. Forrest Helvie would be a valuable member for this town position. Forrest has a background…

Friday 10/08/2021
YOUR VIEW: City voters should re-elect Stewart for mayor
icon Posted: 08 October 2021 [10:17 PM]

To the Editor: New Britain voters should re-elect Mayor Erin Stewart for the fourth term - Our “Queen Buzzin Bee” at City Hall Beehive. Her performance over the past years is remarkable. She has rejuvenated New Britain drastically. During her…

Thursday 10/07/2021
Monday 10/04/2021
YOUR VIEW: NBHS Class of 1961 reunion was great
icon Posted: 04 October 2021 [09:09 PM]

To the Editor: On Saturday the 2nd of October the New Britain Class of 1961 held their 60th class luncheon at the Farmington Country Club due to the generosity of one of their classmates’ membership. There were not as many…