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After the acquital, the questions that remain

THE Washington Post A Minnesota jury has acquitted police officer Jeronimo Yanez of all charges in last year’s fatal shooting of Philando Castile, a 32-year-old black man and longtime school cafeteria worker. The verdict, the…

icon Posted: 23 June 2017 [09:51 PM]

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Friday 06/23/2017
Why Congress finally needs to scrap the debt ceiling
icon Posted: 23 June 2017 [09:45 PM]

The Washington Post Senate Republican leaders released on Thursday a draft health-care bill, supposedly designed to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. It includes a range of mostly unwise and ungenerous changes to the…

City plans next step on theater project
icon Posted: 23 June 2017 [09:35 PM]

We were excited to see that Bristol is finally - as Friday’s Bristol Press headline stated - ‘Moving Forward’ on plans for a theater at the Memorial Boulevard School. This old building has special meaning for many in Bristol. Built…

Thursday 06/22/2017
Our View: Needed: An election system we can believe in
icon Posted: 22 June 2017 [08:21 PM]

STAFF In case anyone had any lingering doubts about whether the Russians attempted to interfere in last year’s presidential election, Jeh Johnson, former secretary of Homeland Security, put an end to them Thursday, when he testified before Congress. The bad…

Partisan gerrymandering in Wisconsin and others goes too far
icon Posted: 22 June 2017 [08:18 PM]

As politicians from different parties, we disagree a lot. We vote for different candidates for president, we have very different views on taxes, and we disagree strongly on abortion. But some things we agree on: We both love our home…

The Court has a chance to rein in partisan gerrymandering
icon Posted: 22 June 2017 [08:17 PM]

THE Washington Post Politicians have been manipulating legislative district lines in order to tip electoral results their way for about as long as the Republic has existed. The term “gerrymander” was coined 205 years…

Wednesday 06/21/2017
Leaders offer a two-party approach to health care
icon Posted: 21 June 2017 [09:05 PM]

The fate of America’s health-care system, the focus of our nation’s most important - and most heavily politicized - public-policy debate is in the hands of the Senate, where senators get their turn to find a balanced and sustainable approach…

OUR VIEW: They are better together
icon Posted: 21 June 2017 [09:05 PM]

For some time now, we have supported the idea that cities and towns could more efficiently and less expensively deliver essential services by banding together. We’ve seen some small movement in that direction but, for the most part, local leaders…

Tuesday 06/20/2017
President Trump's Cuba shift? It's just a small policy tweak.
icon Posted: 20 June 2017 [07:46 PM]

THE Washington Post President Donald Trump announced a new policy on Cuba on Friday, and even before he finished speaking, criticism was pouring in from advocates of President Barack Obama’s opening to the communist island. They…

Senate sends right message on Russia sanctions
icon Posted: 20 June 2017 [07:44 PM]

BLOOMBERG View With its 98-2 vote to expand sanctions against Russia, the U.S. Senate has effectively served notice on two great powers in Washington: Russia, which may have to face new costs for…

Nixon went to China, Trump went for 'amnesty'
icon Posted: 20 June 2017 [07:43 PM]

President Richard Nixon, the quintessential Cold Warrior, could pull off an opening to China because his anti-communist credentials were never in doubt. President Donald Trump, the quintessential anti-immigrant xenophobe who called Mexicans “murders,” exploited victims of crimes allegedly committed by…

Our View: Good news from the schools
icon Posted: 20 June 2017 [07:39 PM]

STAFF It’s an old-fashioned punishment, one we all took for granted, growing up. And maybe it made sense at a time when Mom was likely to be home all day - and Dad could be counted on for swift punishment.…

Monday 06/19/2017
Our View: Could Scott's visit be a wake-up call for us?
icon Posted: 19 June 2017 [10:23 PM]

Editorial Last week we told you about Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s plan to raid Connecticut, urging our best businesses to relocate to the Sunshine state. Well, then, it’s only fair to let you know how one company - one local…

A senator's voice of reason rises from the swamp
icon Posted: 19 June 2017 [09:15 PM]

Looking for someone to make sense of the Washington scandals? It’s always smart to turn to a senator from Maine. In the Senate Intelligence Committee, which is looking at Russian influence on the 2016 presidential election, Maine’s Susan…

Your View: Alderman says city compensation is too low
icon Posted: 19 June 2017 [09:11 PM]

To the Editor: Compensation for elected officials in city government, a sticky subject in our city. What is fair and how does one answer that question? Very often you will hear some people say, “… whatever it says in the…

Sunday 06/18/2017
OUR VIEW: Drought may be over, but our duty is not
icon Posted: 18 June 2017 [09:44 PM]

Last week, we reported that the drought is over. That’s according to a coalition of state agencies, which says the drought advisory issued last summer can now be lifted. More precisely, the Connecticut Interagency Drought Workgroup has determined stream and…

The jungle of political suspicion
icon Posted: 18 June 2017 [09:42 PM]

The Washington Post WASHINGTON - Let it be said that for one lovely moment, House Speaker Paul Ryan and House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi responded exactly as those in authority should to a shocking assault on human lives and our…

A POINT TO PONDER: Summer vow: Look for compromise, see beauty
icon Posted: 18 June 2017 [09:41 PM]

The time we have is at best an unknown. We run around doing daily routines thinking everything in our world is fixed in stone. A charity event and a ballfield with a bunch of guys practicing for an annual charity…

Our new life in the dugout: Try to stop the madness
icon Posted: 18 June 2017 [09:38 PM]

The Washington Post WASHINGTON - Kelley Paul had gone to bed Tuesday night as usual, with her cellphone set on “Do Not Disturb,” except for family and close friends whose calls would always go through. That’s why, when Kentucky…

Saturday 06/17/2017
For Father's Day - Grateful for an old-school Dad
icon Posted: 17 June 2017 [09:00 PM]

My father made me wear hand-me-downs - even though I was our family’s only boy, with five sisters. It wasn’t too bad most of the year, but Easter Sunday was a bear. You know how hard it is to outrun…

On this Father's Day: Please, Daddy, don't you evolve so fast
icon Posted: 17 June 2017 [08:55 PM]

While using social media to research this Father’s Day column, I came across two types of people. Many folks chuckled with recognition when a tweet or blog listed phrases and behavior that seem almost universally associated with dads. I also…

Put the blame for the shooting on the Trump haters
icon Posted: 17 June 2017 [08:54 PM]

It’s impossible to argue with Rush Limbaugh. When Rush said the nut job who shot House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and four others at a D.C. baseball field on Wednesday was radicalized by the leftwing establishment media, he’s absolutely correct.…

Islamic law is no issue here so lay off state's Muslims
icon Posted: 17 June 2017 [08:54 PM]

Everybody knows that Islam is having a civil war between murderous totalitarians and people who just want to live and let live. Civilization’s urgent agenda must be to help the good guys. But as Connecticut saw last weekend, some people…

Gutting health care in darkness
icon Posted: 17 June 2017 [08:53 PM]

WASHINGTON - Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell once had passionate views about how carefully Congress should consider sweeping changes to the health care system. “Fast-tracking a major legislative overhaul such as health care reform or a new national energy tax…

OUR VIEW: Recognizing all of the roles Dads play
icon Posted: 17 June 2017 [08:53 PM]

Today, Father’s Day, is celebrated worldwide to recognize the contribution that fathers and those who take on the role of father make to the lives of their children. The idea to recognize Dads’ special job was proposed as early…

Friday 06/16/2017
OUR VIEW: Look out! Florida's governor comes a-raiding
icon Posted: 16 June 2017 [10:04 PM]

We can think of several adjectives to describe Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s visit to Connecticut next week but they probably don’t belong in a family newspaper. Seeking to lure businesses to move, he freely admits that he has come to…

Is this Trump's 'big number' on Dodd-Frank?
icon Posted: 16 June 2017 [10:03 PM]

The Treasury Department has produced the proposal for financial regulatory reform that President Donald Trump ordered up four months ago, pursuant to his claim that “we’re going to be doing a big number on Dodd-Frank.” Because “Dodd-Frank” is the shorthand…

YOUR VIEW: Candidate stands with African-American firefighters
icon Posted: 16 June 2017 [10:02 PM]

To the Editor: To our African-American firefighters: we stand with you against discrimination. We need answers, not silence from our city. Our community was bombarded with news media letting the whole world know African-American firefighters’ treatment was far more…

Trump's Twitter bombs: Fully enlisted in verbal combat
icon Posted: 16 June 2017 [09:54 PM]

Donald Trump missed his opportunity to become a General Patton-style military commander and glorious war hero back in the Vietnam era. He surely would’ve been the greatest in history, to hear him tell it. But, alas, he says some unspecified…

We need courage to face our gun-safety problem now
icon Posted: 16 June 2017 [09:51 PM]

I woke up Wednesday morning to images I have prayed I would never see again: a member of Congress and a congressional aide, shot. Children and bystanders scrambling for cover. Fear. Danger. Rage, apparently, from the shooter, at a quiet…

Thursday 06/15/2017
OUR VIEW: Volunteers make our communities stronger
icon Posted: 15 June 2017 [09:35 PM]

Summer is a curious time - both the beginning of vacation season and the end of the year for budgets, students and, often, civic groups that depend on volunteers. That’s why you’ve seen, over the past few weeks, articles in…

YOUR VIEW: Girl Scout cookie sales were a success
icon Posted: 15 June 2017 [09:35 PM]

To the Editor: I wanted to express my deepest thanks and appreciation on behalf of the 32,000 Girl Scouts in Connecticut, to those who supported our 2017 Girl Scout Cookie Program! Because of your generosity and support, more…

Trump's plan for financial reform is half-right
icon Posted: 15 June 2017 [09:34 PM]

The Trump administration’s latest plan to reform financial regulation starts in a good place: It attacks the ridiculous complexity of the current system. But it fails to follow through with new rules that promote safety as well as simplicity. Put…

How President Trump can make apprenticeships a hit
icon Posted: 15 June 2017 [09:34 PM]

The former host of “The Apprentice” may have finally found a government program suitable to his talents. As part of “workforce development week,” President Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka Trump are touting the administration’s commitment to increasing the number…

Wednesday's shooting was an assault on democracy
icon Posted: 15 June 2017 [09:34 PM]

One after another after another on the Wednesday morning television news shows came the harrowing accounts from Republican members of Congress of how their baseball practice just hours earlier had become a bloody battlefield. “All of a sudden we heard…

Wednesday 06/14/2017
OUR VIEW: Now more than ever, be careful who you trust
icon Posted: 14 June 2017 [09:41 PM]

We couldn’t help wondering if much of the disgruntlement reported in Wednesday’s paper over the new Department of Motor Vehicles policy, in which drivers renewing their licenses receive a temporary paper copy, with the legal license mailed to them, might…

It's time to get realistic about the debt ceiling
icon Posted: 14 June 2017 [09:38 PM]

THE Washington Post Politicians do some irresponsible things, but few could be more reckless than periodically fooling around with the “full faith and credit” of the United States. The ironclad quality of the federal government’s debt, established over…

Tuesday 06/13/2017
Our View: There's nothing quite like on-the-job experience
icon Posted: 13 June 2017 [08:48 PM]

Editorial For most of our readers, we’re guessing, that first job came early - in the teen years or even earlier. (Thanks to all of you who were carriers for this newspaper when each edition came out in the afternoon…

The 'Fiduciary rule' is allowed to go into effect -- for now
icon Posted: 13 June 2017 [08:44 PM]

One of President Barack Obama’s last major policies was the “fiduciary rule,” a Labor Department regulation aimed at alleged conflicts of interest in the professional advice that millions of Americans receive about their tax-advantaged retirement accounts. To cut…

Is media coverage of Trump too negative?
icon Posted: 13 June 2017 [08:42 PM]

Columnist The New York Daily News’s front page on Friday morning screamed “LIAR” in huge type over a photo of President Donald Trump. USA Today’s banner headline seconded the motion: “Comey calls Trump a liar.” On cable channels, in broadcast…

The problem with privatization
icon Posted: 13 June 2017 [08:41 PM]

We tend in modern economies to take progress for granted and debate only its pace. This is not true with respect to air travel times. A look at airline time tables reveals that today the 8:26 am flight from Boston…

Monday 06/12/2017
GRANDADDY'S SECRETS: Parents, work together as a team!
icon Posted: 12 June 2017 [08:19 PM]

Hey, parents, how are you? Are you tired? Stressed? Frustrated? Angry? I hear you and I want you to know those feelings are quite normal for us parents. However, even though those feelings are normal, they really aren’t…

The ACA: Sabotage, speed and secrecy in the Senate
icon Posted: 12 June 2017 [08:18 PM]

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., had a problem when the American Health Care Act arrived from the House last month. What to do with a bill that is clogging your agenda but only 8 percent of Americans want you…

Teaching a lesson about the cost of bad behavior at Harvard
icon Posted: 12 June 2017 [08:18 PM]

Reports that Harvard College rescinded admission offers to students who had posted extremely offensive memes in a private Facebook chat come at a time of heated debate about free speech on campus. So it probably should have been…