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Thanks to the exclusionists, immigration has never had more support

If you watch only Fox News or take Attorney General Jeff Sessions seriously, you’d think we’re being swamped by illegal immigrants who are setting off a crime pandemic and stealing Americans’ jobs. None of that is factually correct, but it…

icon Posted: 26 April 2017 [07:10 PM]

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Wednesday 04/26/2017
Trump is skillfully navigating Washington's budget realities
icon Posted: 26 April 2017 [07:09 PM]

No budget agreement is done until it’s done, but it looks like Democrats are now divided over the health-care subsidies they’ve been pushing for, and the White House has finessed its demand for funding of the border wall by agreeing…

OUR VIEW: 'Tis the season - for hard budget choices
icon Posted: 26 April 2017 [07:05 PM]

As we read New Britain Herald reporter Charles Paullin’s story in Wednesday’s newspaper, telling us that Berlin voters had rejected the Town Council’s $85.3M budget, one fact stood out: Only 7.9 percent of the total 14,040 registered voters cast a…

Tuesday 04/25/2017
No wall, no shutdown
icon Posted: 25 April 2017 [07:27 PM]

Remember how President Donald Trump was going to construct a wall along the border between the United States and Mexico - paid for by Mexico? There’s been a change of plans. Now Trump wants the Democrats to put up the…

France's new political divide
icon Posted: 25 April 2017 [07:26 PM]

True to the spirit of 1789, the revolutionary French are a step ahead of everyone else. On Sunday, they became the first large Western country to ditch, in a major election, the center-right/center-left political-party structure that has dominated European politics…

OUR VIEW: If you want to make change, act locally
icon Posted: 25 April 2017 [07:23 PM]

Former President Barack Obama sat down Monday with students at the University of Chicago. His mission? “The single most important thing I can do is to help in any way I can to prepare the next generation of leadership to…

Monday 04/24/2017
OUR VIEW: By planting a seed, we can help save a species
icon Posted: 24 April 2017 [10:45 PM]

Staff Even those of us who don’t have a green thumb get the urge to plant something, come spring. There’s something about the season’s warming air and brilliant colors that makes us want to pick up a spade.…

GRANDADDY'S SECRETS: Parents, what you do matters
icon Posted: 24 April 2017 [10:44 PM]

Over the years that I have been a teacher, I have told parents not to give up because their kids really are listening to them. They really are the most important people in their children’s lives, regardless of what their…

Chinese newspaper lauds Trump's decision
icon Posted: 24 April 2017 [10:42 PM]

China Daily US President Donald Trump’s decision not to label China a currency manipulator is a positive step in the two sides’ efforts to enhance bilateral cooperation. It provides further proof that China and the United States…

The unpredictable Donald Jong Un
icon Posted: 24 April 2017 [10:40 PM]

The Washington Post WASHINGTON - Foreign leaders and local interlocutors, aka pundits, might as well take a vacation for the next few minutes until Donald Trump’s next foreign policy “strategy” surfaces from deep within his amygdala. For to presume a…

The abrupt -- and welcome -- exit of Rep. Chaffetz
icon Posted: 24 April 2017 [10:38 PM]

The Washington Post No sooner had Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, announced that he wouldn’t seek reelection in 2018 than he also allowed he likely wouldn’t serve out his current term. Chances are, no one is more anxious…

Sunday 04/23/2017
OUR VIEW: In the opioid fight, we need funds for treatment
icon Posted: 23 April 2017 [09:37 PM]

Staff Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen is joining top government lawyers from 19 states in telling President Donald Trump and Republican leaders in Congress not to cut federal money for drug treatment programs as they struggle to “repeal…

The days of 'getting away with it' are over
icon Posted: 23 April 2017 [09:36 PM]

The Republican (Springfield, Mass.) Soaring ratings couldn’t save Bill O’Reilly, whose ride at Fox News came to a crashing end after multiple accusations of sexual harassment. No one should bleed for O’Reilly, who will be paid tens of…

YOUR VIEW: Reader: City knew about drought last year
icon Posted: 23 April 2017 [09:34 PM]

New Britain To the Editor: New Britain residents have been protesting the sale of the Patton Brook Well for almost a year. Despite repeated concerns about the lack of an appraisal, no competitive bid and water shortages, Mayor Stewart said…

A POINT TO PONDER: The waste of it all: Goodbye, Aaron Hernandez
icon Posted: 23 April 2017 [09:26 PM]

The tragedy we have witnessed as a state with the story of Aaron Hernandez is a tale Shakespeare couldn’t have engineered. The youngster from Bristol was the athlete from another planet. He was the best in his city, the…

Attorney General Sessions' island of reaction
icon Posted: 23 April 2017 [09:22 PM]

The Washington Post WASHINGTON - Imagine if I began a column about Attorney General Jeff Sessions this way: “I really am amazed that an attorney general who hails from a former Confederate state in the Deep South can issue a…

Saturday 04/22/2017
Chris Powell: Decline of Catholic Church could leave state barren
icon Posted: 22 April 2017 [08:22 PM]

Columnist Sixty years ago with enactment of its law allowing towns to provide bus transportation to church schools, legislation that was contested almost as bitterly as a holy war, Connecticut began its transformation from a Yankee, Protestant, and Republican state…

Michael Reagan: Advice for President Trump
icon Posted: 22 April 2017 [08:20 PM]

Columnist Dear Mr. President. I have some more friendly but important advice for you. It’s not about your itchy twitter finger or your golf game. I’ll take the great Ernie Els’ word for it that you don’t need any golf…

Kathleen Parker: Murder while you watch
icon Posted: 22 April 2017 [08:18 PM]

Columnist WASHINGTON - The Facebook video of a homicide was surely inevitable. This isn’t the same as saying that video murders soon will become all the rage, but it was more likely to happen eventually than not. Forget…

E.J. Dionne: Our government is not a Trump property
icon Posted: 22 April 2017 [08:17 PM]

Columnist WASHINGTON - Two issues are paramount in American politics. The first is whether President Trump will get away with his arrogant dismissal of the public’s right to a transparent government free of corrupting conflicts of interest. The second is…

Our View: Holding on to water well for non-rainy days makes sense
icon Posted: 22 April 2017 [08:12 PM]

Editorial We were happy to see that the New Britain Common Council is set to reconsider the sale of the Patton Brook well to the Southington Water Department. On Friday, New Britain Mayor Erin Stewart said, in a statement,…

Friday 04/21/2017
Why slashing the NIH budget is indefensible
icon Posted: 21 April 2017 [08:02 PM]

The Nation In January 1970, the organizers of the first Earth Day published a full-page ad in The New York Times. A few months ahead of thousands of demonstrations and teach-ins across the United States, they declared that Earth Day…

Secret Service pushing Americans farther from the White House
icon Posted: 21 April 2017 [08:00 PM]

Column Shut it down and close it up. That seems to be the default reaction of the Secret Service to any problem or failing - including its own - in protecting Washington, D.C., buildings. The bunker mentality has turned the…

Your View: Thank a Girl Scout leader today
icon Posted: 21 April 2017 [07:56 PM]

Girl Scouts of Connecticut To the Editor: This April, as we celebrate Volunteer Appreciation Month, and Leader’s Day on April 22, Girl Scouts of Connecticut wishes to send a very large message of love and gratitude to the thousands of…

Your View: Get ready for International Firefighters Day
icon Posted: 21 April 2017 [07:56 PM]

Fire commissioner, New Britain To the Editor: Thursday, May 4, is International Firefighters Day, also celebrated as St. Florian’s Day. He is the patron saint of all firefighters. It is a day to support our firefighters worldwide and show our…

Our View: Answering the call to march for science on Earth Day
icon Posted: 21 April 2017 [07:45 PM]

Editorial The idea for a national day to focus on the environment came to Earth Day founder Gaylord Nelson, then a U.S. senator, after witnessing the ravages of the 1969 massive oil spill in Santa Barbara, California. At the…

Thursday 04/20/2017
Latest Fox scandal teaches a wonderful lesson
icon Posted: 20 April 2017 [08:52 PM]

Columnist Gretchen Carlson filed suit against Roger Ailes last summer - and started an avalanche. Less than 10 months later, two of the most powerful men in media, Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly, have been knocked off lofty perches at…

Our View: A special invitation
icon Posted: 20 April 2017 [08:21 PM]

Editorial As a tribute to the cast members of the 2017 Older Members Show and the fine work they do to support the Boys and Girls Club of Bristol, we bring you this invitation to a joyous evening and encourage…

Wednesday 04/19/2017
We should not unlearn the lessons of 2008 Great Recession
icon Posted: 19 April 2017 [07:48 PM]

Column The Trump administration is more than halfway through the 120-day review of financial regulation that the president ordered on Feb. 3. Time flies! And the hot new idea is, well, an old idea: the Glass-Steagall Act, a Depression-era law…

Syria, N. Korea are bit players. Iran is the bigger threat
icon Posted: 19 April 2017 [07:46 PM]

Columnist President Donald Trump and his advisers are rightly concerned about Syria and North Korea. These rogue states, guilty of human rights atrocities, pose the risk of wider violence and destabilization. Syria’s civil war has already created millions of refugees,…

Their View: Massachusetts eyes raising the smoking age
icon Posted: 19 April 2017 [07:39 PM]

As Massachusetts lawmakers wrestle with a law governing the sale of recreational marijuana, they are reportedly considering including a provision raising the age in which residents can legally purchase tobacco in the state to 21. They should do so, for…

Your View: Taxing soda not the answer for better health
icon Posted: 19 April 2017 [07:37 PM]

To the Editor: I strongly disagree with a Connecticut Post article about the soda tax. People are still going to buy sugary products regardless of cost because sugar is addictive, just like nicotine, and some of the poorest people I…

Your View: Reader: Lower tax rate to under 60 mils
icon Posted: 19 April 2017 [07:36 PM]

To the Editor: Congratulations to Mayor Erin Stewart on her proposed 2017-18 budget with no tax increase with her Republican council leadership. I believe it’s going to be difficult to find a stronger candidate to replace her. Mayor Stewart’s accomplishments…

Our View: It's spring, and that means time to play ball!
icon Posted: 19 April 2017 [07:34 PM]

It’s almost here - the long-awaiting spring opening of the New Britain Bees’ second season. The baseball team will begin the 2017 year at 6:35 p.m. tomorrow against the York Revolution. We’re excited and we hope you are,…

Tuesday 04/18/2017
Breaking up the big banks offers a lot to like
icon Posted: 18 April 2017 [07:25 PM]

Columnist One great misunderstanding about the financial crisis is the role that repealing the Glass-Steagall Act played. This is newly relevant, as there has been interest from White House economic adviser Gary Cohn in restoring the Depression-era legislation. President…

Truth held hostage: The ambassador who could not be silent
icon Posted: 18 April 2017 [07:19 PM]

April 24, 2017 marks the 102th anniversary of the commencement of the Armenian Genocide, a brutal effort by the Ottoman Empire to exterminate an entire ethnic population. Genocide scholars agree that more than one and one half Armenians-men, women…

Our View: It's an unfortunate reality that it pays to be wary
icon Posted: 18 April 2017 [07:14 PM]

We can’t help thinking that, if all the ingenuity that thieves put into stealing from cars were put to good use, the world would be a better place. And, on the flip side, if good, honest people were a little…

Monday 04/17/2017
OUR VIEW: Community cleanups strengthen neighborhoods
icon Posted: 17 April 2017 [09:51 PM]

It’s a sure sign of spring - and it’s happening all over central Connecticut. Neighbors joining neighbors to clean up streets and parks, pitching in to erase the wear and tear of winter. We saw it on Saturday at New…

Higher ed savings is a worthy goal
icon Posted: 17 April 2017 [09:49 PM]

The (Toledo) Blade The University of Toledo had the second-best grades among all 14 Ohio four-year public colleges in an analysis of five-year plans to fight rising expenses. Bowling Green State University did well too. Now they need…

GRANDADDY'S SECRETS: What most parents don't know
icon Posted: 17 April 2017 [09:46 PM]

Wiring our children’s brains for success is a race against time! The early years of childhood are easy. They are eager to learn how to see, walk, talk, eat, play, run and all the other stuff they do. Our kids…

UNESCO fights back as ISIS tries to stamp out culture
icon Posted: 17 April 2017 [09:43 PM]

ISIS uses grisly violence to terrorize the West, recruit supporters, and subjugate people in the areas it controls. But it’s also waging a quieter war against more abstract enemies: culture and heritage. As ISIS seized swaths of land in Iraq…

Want infrastructure spending? Here's how to pay
icon Posted: 17 April 2017 [09:41 PM]

When the American Society of Civil Engineers published its latest Infrastructure Report Card last month, the results were sobering: a grade of D+ for the U.S. and an estimated price tag of $4.6 trillion to make needed repairs by 2025.…

Sunday 04/16/2017
OUR VIEW: It's time to light up the chaos at Birge Pond
icon Posted: 16 April 2017 [09:25 PM]

Staff This weekend Bristol Press reporter Lorenzo Burgo told us about an ongoing problem in the lower parking area of Hoppers Birge Pond Nature Preserve. Complaints ranged from noise and loitering after dark to possibly​ illegal activity. Despite…

Objections to soda tax don't hold up
icon Posted: 16 April 2017 [09:24 PM]

Connecticut Post (Bridgeport) Lobbyists’ objections to a state soda tax contain as much rot as the teeth of too many kindergartners. The drivers who haul the pop argue that the proposed penny-per-ounce levy would cause cavities in their…

A POINT TO PONDER: The real world? Will Trump bring change?
icon Posted: 16 April 2017 [09:20 PM]

Okay, the holy days are over, and we are on the clock of the real world. I am upset, as many Americans are, that Syria was attacked at the president’s orders, and that we are looking at a faceoff with…

Why it's Patriots' Day and not Nationalists' Day
icon Posted: 16 April 2017 [09:18 PM]

The Washington Post BOSTON - Those of us who hail from Massachusetts are proud of our special patriotic holiday, formally celebrated only in our state and Maine (which was part of us until 1820), though Wisconsin and Florida pay it…

Famine looms in Africa
icon Posted: 16 April 2017 [09:15 PM]

The Washington Post The United Nations has rigorous and rarely met criteria for declaring a famine: 1 in 5 households in an affected area must be severely short of food; more than 30 percent of the population must…

Saturday 04/15/2017
Chris Powell: Ban welfare for sugar, leave everyone else alone
icon Posted: 15 April 2017 [08:16 PM]

Columnist While the General Assembly has yet to come close to devising a budget in the face of state government’s insolvency, some legislators are advocating a major extension of the nanny state. They want to impose a special tax on…