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Wednesday 09/15/2021
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YOUR VIEW: Pawlak endorses Scalise for Probate Judge
icon Posted: 12 September 2021 [12:03 PM]

(The following letter is meant as an open letter to New Britain residents.) Dear Neighbor: As we continue to respond to COVID-19 in a variety of ways, I write about an event that will not be cancelled or postponed. I…

Friday 09/10/2021
Thursday 09/09/2021
YOUR VIEW: Support Row A in New Britain Sept. 14 primary
icon Posted: 09 September 2021 [09:22 PM]

To the Editor: New Britain will be a better place to live over the next two years if it elects a Common Council committed to addressing public health, budget, environmental and economic issues in a cooperative, bipartisan way. That's why I support…

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Monday 08/30/2021
CHRIS POWELL: Fighting the virus epidemic is a judgment call every day
icon Posted: 30 August 2021 [08:52 PM]

As was demonstrated by the crude and disgraceful disruption of last week's back-to-school forum in Cheshire, many people in Connecticut are sick and tired of the virus epidemic and government's steps against it, however necessary they may have seemed. Consumed…

Friday 08/27/2021
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Thursday 08/19/2021
YOUR VIEW: Gostin to Shortell: My actions were not racist
icon Posted: 19 August 2021 [09:26 PM]

To the Editor: I write in reply to Mr. Bill Shortell’s editorial (“No love for city GOP Registrar Peter Gostin,” Aug. 19, 2021) in which he accuses me of racism for having a difference of political opinions. First, regarding the…

Wednesday 08/18/2021
YOUR VIEW: No love for New Britain Registrar Gostin
icon Posted: 18 August 2021 [09:06 PM]

To the Editor: (Editor’s note: The author is former New Britain Democratic Town Committee chair.) I was very disappointed to read your puff piece on Peter Gostin, New Britain Republican Registrar. New Britain Herald – “New Britain man keeps Registrars…

Monday 08/16/2021
Thursday 08/12/2021
YOUR VIEW: Sanchez offers fresh, progressive perspective
icon Posted: 12 August 2021 [07:02 PM]

To the Editor: This election cycle, residents of New Britain will have the opportunity to elect a mayor who puts the interests and values of working-class people first, State Representative Bobby Sanchez. From our city’s poor performance regarding vaccination rates…

Tuesday 08/10/2021
YOUR VIEW: Strong mischaracterizes New Britain DTC
icon Posted: 10 August 2021 [07:14 PM]

To the Editor: I, like former New Britain Democratic Town Committee (NBDTC) member Alicia Strong, believe that the people of New Britain should select their candidates for mayor and common council. I respect that Ms. Strong and her colleagues…

Monday 08/09/2021
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Tuesday 08/03/2021
YOUR VIEW: State community college union against school consolidation
icon Posted: 03 August 2021 [08:57 PM]

Community college union against school consolidation Since the initial proposal to consolidate Connecticut’s twelve independently accredited community colleges into a single institution with 12 campuses in April 2017, CSU-AAUP has consistently voiced its opposition to the restructuring. Although the state…

Monday 08/02/2021
CHRIS POWELL: Has consolidation in banking gone too far in Connecticut?
icon Posted: 02 August 2021 [06:16 PM]

Consolidation of the banking industry is gaining speed, in part because technology increasingly allows routine retail banking functions to be conducted via the internet and cell phones, reducing the need for branch offices. But there is another reason: Government’s indifference…

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YOUR VIEW: For those who haven't, please GET YOUR SHOT
icon Posted: 22 July 2021 [01:43 PM]

To the Editor: The divide between those that have been vaccinated vs. those who have not, is wide and dangerous. I may be wrong but I believe that insurance/government covers all Covid-related expenses including hospital stay. Since we the people…

Wednesday 07/21/2021
YOUR VIEW: We must do better on climate for our children
icon Posted: 21 July 2021 [09:05 PM]

To the Editor: It's hot, and my 3-year-old is sweaty and curious. He always wants to know more about the world, and on Tuesday he asked me 'why is it like the fog but in the sky?' The haziness had…

Tuesday 07/20/2021
YOUR VIEW: If you want safe streets, vote for Stewart's team
icon Posted: 20 July 2021 [08:58 PM]

To the Editor: It was really eye opening to see the reaction of the three Democratic candidates for Mayor in response to Mayor Erin Stewart's recent call for significant reforms to Connecticut's juvenile justice laws. Robert Sanchez and Veronica…

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YOUR VIEW: Awake America! Before it's too late
icon Posted: 08 July 2021 [01:53 PM]

To the Editor: Americans are frogs in the pot of water being brought to the boil and cooked.  We ignore incremental chunks of our freedoms being chiseled away by Marxists determining our social mores. A co-founder of Black Lives Matter is…

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