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KATHLEEN PARKER: Philadelphia's unnecessary war on Catholics

Columnist WASHINGTON - At a time when more than 400,000 children are in foster care nationwide, the city of Philadelphia is threatening to cut ties with Catholic Social Services because of the group’s policy against placing foster children in same-sex…

icon Posted: 27 May 2018 [07:57 PM]

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Sunday 05/27/2018
There would be no NFL without black players
icon Posted: 27 May 2018 [07:56 PM]

The NFL and its 32 team owners have introduced a policy requiring players to stand for the national anthem. Those refusing to do so have two options: stay in the locker room until “The Star Spangled Banner” ends, or risk…

Getting there - it's not fun
icon Posted: 27 May 2018 [07:54 PM]

I’ve just returned from my summer vacation, which I now take in mid-May so I can use the remaining time until Labor Day to recover. Here’s what I learned. At many airports the TSA’s Pre-Check lines are as long…

Friday 05/25/2018
E.J. DIONNE: Challenging Trump's Christian apologists
icon Posted: 25 May 2018 [06:46 PM]

Columnist WASHINGTON - Maybe it takes a royal wedding to offer lessons in what a good sermon sounds like. Maybe it takes one of the world’s most elitist institutions - a monarchy, for goodness’ sake - to provide a view…

NFL fumbles on kneeling
icon Posted: 25 May 2018 [06:43 PM]

The Washington Post Like all civil peace, American contentment depends on its people believing in a certain story about how this country functions. Elementary school civics lay the groundwork: We live in a democratic republic, wherein the organs of government…

U.S. must demand North Korea give up all its nuclear weapons
icon Posted: 25 May 2018 [06:40 PM]

It is important to stick to the principle of demanding North Korea’s “complete, verifiable, and irreversible nuclear dismantlement,” without being swayed by Pyongyang. Countries concerned must strengthen their cooperation so they can achieve concrete results for denuclearization at the U.S.-North…

Thursday 05/24/2018
CHRIS POWELL: Lamont thinks he can win by offering more of the same
icon Posted: 24 May 2018 [06:22 PM]

Columnist Democrats have controlled the governor’s office and the General Assembly for eight years and polls suggest Connecticut voters are extremely unhappy with the state administration, what with the chronic insolvency, tax increases, and oppressive unfunded liabilities. So how will…

A message that is loathsomely loaded and coded
icon Posted: 24 May 2018 [06:20 PM]

Washington Post If you are reading this, the odds are high that you are a member of the animal kingdom: phylum Chordata, class Mammalia, species Homo sapiens. We all know this, even if we’ve forgotten our high school biology. So…

Voters should choose 'veteran' in order to get the job done
icon Posted: 24 May 2018 [06:19 PM]

As this primary season unfolds, hundreds of military veterans from both parties are running for Congress. We need them there, and by voting vet in these primaries, we can do it without asking Americans to cross party lines. Already we’ve…

Wednesday 05/23/2018
JENNIFER RUBIN: Aim, bluff, lose: The art of not making deals
icon Posted: 23 May 2018 [07:49 PM]

Washington Post President Donald Trump is caught in a vicious, losing cycle of his own making. First, take aim at an Obama administration policy or law. Second, declare that you have something much better. Third, roll out the “something,” which…

Trump's impact on the federal bench
icon Posted: 23 May 2018 [07:48 PM]

Washington Post Someday, conservative critics of President Donald Trump will have to reconcile their vehement opposition to him with their love of the Constitution, The latter is most definitely benefiting from the president’s massive impact on the federal bench, one…

Pompeo sets the stage for perpetual conflict with Iran
icon Posted: 23 May 2018 [07:47 PM]

When President Donald Trump withdrew from the nuclear deal with Iran two weeks ago, he offered no alternative strategy for preventing the Islamic republic from obtaining atomic weapons or long-range missiles, other than a renewal of U.S. sanctions. On Monday,…

Tuesday 05/22/2018
MICHAEL REAGAN: When his enemies hate, Trump wins
icon Posted: 22 May 2018 [06:43 PM]

Columnist Donald Trump’s many enemies are becoming more and more frustrated. A year into Robert Mueller’s great Russian fishing expedition, the president they desperately want to impeach is still in office. The liberal media and Democrats have spent a year…

Rod Rosenstein's dangerous gamble
icon Posted: 22 May 2018 [06:41 PM]

President Donald Trump on Sunday launched his most direct attack on the Justice Department’s independence since he fired FBI Director James Comey, taking to Twitter to “hereby demand” that it open a counter-investigation of the probe into Russian interference in…

Monday 05/21/2018
Italy has drawn its battle lines with Europe
icon Posted: 21 May 2018 [09:18 PM]

By Ishaan Tharoor The Washington Post More than two months after voters went to the polls, Italy is finally getting close to having a new government. On Monday, the two leaders of Italy’s biggest populist parties - the anti-establishment Five…

Trump is proving to be the most predictable of presidents
icon Posted: 21 May 2018 [09:16 PM]

By Fred Hiatt The Washington Post With North Korea and other challenges, President Donald Trump can succeed where others have failed, we are told, because he is so unpredictable. In fact, he is proving to be the most predictable of…

Sunday 05/20/2018
Politicians who took NRA money ought to give it back
icon Posted: 20 May 2018 [08:57 PM]

One of the extraordinary findings in the Senate Judiciary Committee’s preliminary report released on Wednesday concerns the National Rifle Association. The report states: “The Committee has obtained a number of documents that suggest the Kremlin used the National Rifle Association…

A reckoning is coming for blue states on tax cuts
icon Posted: 20 May 2018 [08:56 PM]

Washington Post Before the ink was dry on our new tax bill, outraged blue states were screaming about the cap on the deductibility of state and local taxes. Their governments were also frantically seeking ways around it, and small wonder.…

Wednesday 05/16/2018
Voters miss Obama because they respected his integrity
icon Posted: 16 May 2018 [06:50 PM]

The Washington Post A CNN poll last week showed that most Americans think Barack Obama was a better president than Donald Trump has been. The margin was huge: 19 percentage points. Trump supporters will yell “fake news,” but they’ll be…

I will be sitting out this royal wedding
icon Posted: 16 May 2018 [06:48 PM]

Washington Post The big day is approaching, and I’m so thrilled for the royal couple that I’ve decided to offer them the ultimate wedding present: my sincerest and most respectful neglect. I’ve been a journalist long enough to know that…

A suit the Democratic National Committee might regret
icon Posted: 16 May 2018 [06:47 PM]

Many Americans might be sympathetic to the Democratic National Committee’s lawsuit against the Russian government, WikiLeaks and the Trump campaign, alleging that they conspired to hack the DNC’s servers and disseminate stolen emails during the 2016 election. After all, Moscow…

Monday 05/14/2018
GRANDDADDY'S SECRETS: Why are teachers going on strike?
icon Posted: 14 May 2018 [08:00 PM]

Columnist Dear Granddaddy, why are teachers going on strike? Leo T. – A Concerned Citizen Leo, thanks for taking your valuable time to ask about this very important matter. What’s happening in our schools across the country is not obvious…

Symptoms at NBC hint at a larger sickness
icon Posted: 14 May 2018 [07:59 PM]

Washington Post As months go, this has been a terrible one for NBC News. Among the low points:  The ace reporter whose work the network’s management couldn’t seem to support adequately - Ronan Farrow - broke another huge story…

Haspel faces decision on CIA torture
icon Posted: 14 May 2018 [07:57 PM]

Gina Haspel has shown she has all the qualities to become the next director of the Central Intelligence Agency, except one. For 33 years with the agency, Ms. Haspel has been on the front lines of America’s greatest security challenges,…

It's time to curb out-of-control health-care costs
icon Posted: 14 May 2018 [07:56 PM]

Americans spend approximately 90 percent more for the medicines they use, as a percentage of income, than do citizens of the five largest European markets, according to a recent study by University of Southern California (USC) experts. This contributes to…

Sunday 05/13/2018
CHRIS POWELL: Legislators thrilled to avoid doing what Connecticut needs
icon Posted: 13 May 2018 [08:28 PM]

Columnist Concluding the 2018 session of the General Assembly this week, legislators congratulated themselves on a status-quo and bipartisan budget that bequeaths mammoth deficits to themselves and the new governor next year. This was no great service to a…

Europe won't rally around US sanctions on Iran
icon Posted: 13 May 2018 [08:27 PM]

Bloomberg Driving a wedge between the U.S. and Europe has long been a top policy goal for President Vladimir Putin of Russia. Now, another oil regime, Iran, shares that ambition. And even though Iran and Russia don’t have a…

Sessions' border plan to separate families is un-American
icon Posted: 13 May 2018 [08:24 PM]

Defending the border by pulling children from the arms of their parents is brutal, immoral and un-American. That will be the upshot of U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s plan to immediately detain and prosecute everyone - including asylum-seekers and parents…

Friday 05/11/2018
It's the same old swamp, but with different reptiles
icon Posted: 11 May 2018 [08:36 PM]

Washington Post Until the FBI raided his office, home and hotel room in April, President Donald Trump’s longtime personal lawyer Michael Cohen was known mostly for his star turns on cable television as his client’s most cringe-worthy defender, along with…

Discussion over Haspel is how senators should make decisions
icon Posted: 11 May 2018 [08:35 PM]

Washington Post By Jennifer Rubin Sen. Angus King, I-Maine, is among the most sober-minded and serious members of the Senate Intelligence Committee. His announcement that he would oppose the nomination of Gina Haspel for CIA chief was, on one hand,…

The VA is working just fine, thank you very much
icon Posted: 11 May 2018 [08:33 PM]

“A government-run, single-payer, bureaucratic health-care system that doesn’t work.” That’s how Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., described the Department of Veterans Affairs last month on “Meet the Press.” Johnson’s remarks are typical of Republicans in Congress, who have made no secret…

Thursday 05/10/2018
Golden State Killer case has privacy implications
icon Posted: 10 May 2018 [07:57 PM]

By The Washngton Times Genetic science has dramatically expanded the methods of bringing criminals to justice, but not every measurement is meant for prying eyes, and the dive into the gene pool can turn the lights on the…

There is no justice for those harassed by judges
icon Posted: 10 May 2018 [07:54 PM]

Federal judges regularly preside over sexual harassment cases. But due to a quirk in the law, sexual harassment victims who work for the federal court system cannot file suit to complain about mistreatment in their workplace. Their only recourse is…

Sen. McConnell should really listen to Sen. McConnell
icon Posted: 10 May 2018 [07:53 PM]

In February 1998, the then-junior senator from Kentucky, Republican Mitch McConnell, said this on the Senate floor: “Our nation is indeed at a crossroads. Will we pursue the search for truth or will we dodge, weave and evade the truth?…

Wednesday 05/09/2018
Schneiderman's resignation swift and telling
icon Posted: 09 May 2018 [08:07 PM]

The accusations of assault and swift resignation of New York’s attorney general would have been unimaginable a few years ago. Other men have abused their power and hidden that from public view. Others have been outspoken and effective in…

Killing the Iran deal is only the first step
icon Posted: 09 May 2018 [08:05 PM]

Now that President Donald Trump has officially withdrawn the U.S. from the Iran Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the world has to figure out how to live with that decision. Strategic reappraisals are taking place in Tehran, Europe and, most…

Monday 05/07/2018
GRANDDADDY'S SECRETS: Prom isn't really for me
icon Posted: 07 May 2018 [06:03 PM]

Columnist Dear Granddaddy, why do my parents keep pressuring me to go to prom? Prom really isn’t my scene. James F. – high school student James, as a schoolteacher and a parent, I have some experience with kids…

MICHAEL REAGAN: Who should we crucify, Trump or Barabbas?
icon Posted: 07 May 2018 [06:02 PM]

Columnist The Trump Haters hate on and on and... The deranged hatred of Donald Trump by the left and the media is so strong it is never going to stop. If they had the chance, I actually think the Democrats…

Hannity isn't just attacking Shepard Smith
icon Posted: 07 May 2018 [06:00 PM]

Sean Hannity didn’t appreciate what Fox News colleague Shepard Smith said in a Time magazine interview published Thursday, the day the network announced a contract extension for Smith. That’s understandable. Though Smith did not call out Hannity by name, he…

Cabinet chaos is a stumbling block
icon Posted: 07 May 2018 [05:58 PM]

One of the important things about the Donald Trump presidency is that it constantly challenges the capacity of journalism to tell the American people what’s going on. Even when there’s good reporting - and there’s been an extraordinary amount of…

Sunday 05/06/2018
E.J. Dionne: Trump has an anti-life, anti-work initiative
icon Posted: 06 May 2018 [09:06 PM]

Columnist WASHINGTON - How can we reduce the number of abortions in the United States? One way is to make sure that women are confident they’ll have medical coverage throughout their pregnancies and after. And how can we encourage people…

Giuliani's other big admission
icon Posted: 06 May 2018 [09:02 PM]

You know it’s gotten bad when the president is required to do damage control for his lawyer, but that’s exactly what happened this morning, when Donald Trump took to Twitter to explain himself, after Rudolph Giuliani admitted on Fox News…

A call for the European Union to protect at-risk journalists
icon Posted: 06 May 2018 [09:01 PM]

By Stella Roque As we marked World Press Freedom Day, it is worth recalling that Europe has recently been rocked by the shocking murders of two investigative journalists. In Malta, a car bomb killed Daphne Caruana Galizia. In…

Monday 04/30/2018
GRANDDADDY'S SECRETS: Complaining can be a good thing
icon Posted: 30 April 2018 [07:51 PM]

Columnist Dear Granddaddy, my daughter is always complaining. Frank D. – A worried single dad. Frank, I want to pat you on the back for stepping up and being a real man. Real men don’t run away from…

MICHAEL REAGAN: Those who hate Trump are attacking his supporters
icon Posted: 30 April 2018 [07:50 PM]

Columnist The Trump Haters in Washington are desperate. They can’t find a way to bring down the president, so they’re carpet bombing everyone around him. Their latest victim is Ronny Jackson - the White House doctor the president chose to…

JENNIFER RUBIN: After dumping the correspondents' dinner, what next?
icon Posted: 30 April 2018 [07:49 PM]

Washington Post It’s quite difficult to write about the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner when you think the worst kind of journalism is about journalists’ reaction to a party thrown for journalists to honor journalists (and raise money). Let’s get…

Sunday 04/29/2018
Cosby's conviction proves the legal system works
icon Posted: 29 April 2018 [09:21 PM]

I can’t quite believe that I’m typing these words. And judging by the stunned reactions to the news, I’m not alone. But Bill Cosby, for decades a beloved entertainer and an avatar of family values, has been convicted on three…

The best source of evidence for Mueller is Trump
icon Posted: 29 April 2018 [09:20 PM]

Columnist If every FBI subject were as loose-lipped and oblivious as President Donald Trump, they’d need to build more federal prisons. His latest outburst came on “Fox & Friends” Thursday morning: “And our Justice Department - which I try and…