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Without Stan Lee, Hollywood as we know it might not exist Next time you go to the movies and see a post-credits scene teasing a sequel that is still years away, or a winking reference to some obscure bit of franchise lore, or a cameo appearance by the star of…

icon Posted: 18 November 2018 [06:26 PM]

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Sunday 11/18/2018
Will the GOP keep dancing with autocracy?
icon Posted: 18 November 2018 [06:25 PM]

Washington Post WASHINGTON -- When a national leader urges that votes be ignored or that an election result he doesn’t like might best be set aside, we label him an autocrat or an authoritarian. When it’s President Trump, we shrug.…

Thursday 11/15/2018
If you 're really leaving, just go
icon Posted: 15 November 2018 [08:01 PM]

Columnist Anyone who got a penny for each time he heard someone threaten to leave Connecticut because of its corrupt and ineffectual state government would be rich. Anyone who got a dollar for every such person he heard who fulfilled…

White House is in the middle of a meltdown
icon Posted: 15 November 2018 [07:59 PM]

Every White House experiences tension and turnover; it’s a stressful environment where punishingly long hours are the norm, everyone has his or her own ambitions, and the stakes are extremely high. A certain amount of controlled chaos is inevitable. But…

U.S. must end all military support of the Saudi coalition
icon Posted: 15 November 2018 [07:58 PM]

By The Washington Post Two weeks ago, the Trump administration took a first step toward reining in the reckless Saudi regime under Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, calling for a cease-fire in the war Saudi Arabia has been…

Tuesday 11/13/2018
Monday 11/12/2018
Trump shows contempt for men and women in uniform
icon Posted: 12 November 2018 [08:40 PM]

It seems that soldiers who were captured aren’t the only ones that President Donald Trump doesn’t like. He also apparently doesn’t care much for the ones who died for their country. On Saturday afternoon, the president was scheduled to attend…

Saturday Night Live apologized, move on
icon Posted: 12 November 2018 [08:37 PM]

“Saturday Night Live” comedian Pete Davidson got reamed for making a tasteless joke a week ago Saturday about Dan Crenshaw, a former Navy SEAL who lost his eye in combat in Afghanistan. Days later, Texans elected Crenshaw, a Republican, to…

Whitaker, the acting attorney general, is unfit for the job
icon Posted: 12 November 2018 [08:35 PM]

Is Matthew Whitaker the legitimate acting attorney general? From approximately the second President Donald Trump oustedAttorney General Jeff Sessions and tapped Whitaker to temporarily exercise the office’s vast authority, legal experts have sparred over whether Trump can unilaterally elevate someone…

Sunday 11/11/2018
Ellen Zoppo-Sassu: Bristol respectfully honors its veterans
icon Posted: 11 November 2018 [08:29 PM]

This is the first regular Monday column by the mayor of Bristol, Ellen Zoppo-Sassu. City Hall is closed today in observation of Veterans Day. Over the course of the last few days, we as a community have recognized and…

CNN's Acosta should sue Trump
icon Posted: 11 November 2018 [06:41 PM]

The White House revoked the press pass of and defamed CNN’s Jim Acosta, falsely accusing him of putting his hands on an intern. Press secretary Sarah Sanders accused Acosta of “placing his hands” on the intern. In fact, video shows…

President Trump should learn from Richard Nixon's mistakes
icon Posted: 11 November 2018 [06:38 PM]

President Donald Trump pushed Attorney General Jeff Sessions to resign on Wednesday. Matthew Whitaker, Sessions’ chief of staff, who has expressed hostility to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s inquiry, will step in as acting attorney general and, according to reports, take…

MICHAEL REAGAN: Birthright citizenship is wrong for America
icon Posted: 11 November 2018 [06:37 PM]

The president rolled another flash grenade onto our political stage and it sent the Trump Hate Media into a predictable tizzy. Trump was called a racist - for the umpteenth time - because he said he plans to use…

Tuesday 11/06/2018
GRANDDADDY'S SECRETS: Cell phones, they are everywhere
icon Posted: 06 November 2018 [10:05 PM]

Dear Granddaddy, why do the adults always have to give me a hard time about my phone? Iliana- A student Well, Iliana, I can remember when I was your age and we didn’t have phones or any of the…

Monday 11/05/2018
ERIN E. STEWART: Chief Wardwell will be missed
icon Posted: 05 November 2018 [08:42 PM]

Mayor of New Britain All around us, there are unsung heroes contributing to the wellbeing of our community. Their long hours, hard work, and acts often go unnoticed, but their impact is tremendous and far reaching. In just a few…

Since Parkland, we've been demanding action
icon Posted: 05 November 2018 [08:40 PM]

and Emma González On Feb. 14, 2018, our lives were forever changed by a gunman who killed 17 of our classmates and teachers at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. In just 11 minutes, our childhood ended.…

Don't expect robots to take away everyone's job
icon Posted: 05 November 2018 [08:37 PM]

Bloomberg Opinion How many jobs are vulnerable to automation? Plenty of people ask that question, and plenty of people try to give numerical answers. A recent study by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development said that about 46 percent…

Wednesday 10/31/2018
What Jon Stewart gets right about Trump and the media
icon Posted: 31 October 2018 [07:41 PM]

Liberal complaints about the media’s coverage of President Donald Trump increase with every day he hasn’t been impeached and thrown out of office. The media allegedly let this happen with its 2016 campaign coverage, and now it’s allegedly failing the…

No matter who wins this year, we all lose
icon Posted: 31 October 2018 [07:39 PM]

For the past two years, the United States has been torn by partisan warfare unprecedented in most of our lifetimes. But compared with what we can expect after the midterm elections, this will look like a period of relative calm…

Monday 10/29/2018
GRANDDADDY'S SECRETS: Catching up with an old acquaintance
icon Posted: 29 October 2018 [07:47 PM]

Columnist Dear Granddaddy, I don’t know if you remember me. I’m a New Britain school crossing guard and author. Claire LaClair Claire, I remember you. Hey, I want to take a moment to thank you for all the great…

The politics of division will never unite the nation
icon Posted: 29 October 2018 [07:45 PM]

Columnist It’s often innocently assumed that presidents, by virtue of the office they hold, automatically push aside partisanship in the face of national crises. The slaughter at the Tree of Life congregation in Pittsburgh combined with the pipe bombs sent…

Red Sox World Series victory made the world make sense again
icon Posted: 29 October 2018 [07:43 PM]

The Washington Post “You count on it, rely on it to buffer the passage of time, to keep the memory of sunshine and high skies alive, and then just when the days are all twilight, when you need it most,…

Sunday 10/28/2018
Liberals shouldn't push for an end to the electoral college
icon Posted: 28 October 2018 [08:32 PM]

As we approach the 2018 midterm elections, President Donald Trump and other Republicans have adopted language defining leftist protesters as “mobs.” Democrats have pushed back, some even calling back “racist,” today’s go-to retort to Trump and conservatives in general. Large…

A civics test to graduate high school? Absolutely
icon Posted: 28 October 2018 [08:30 PM]

It was an inspiring lecture. One of my finest. And then, I brought up D-Day. Spend enough time in the classroom and you learn to read students’ faces. They say so much. “I’m bored.” “I’m thinking about something else.” “I…

Thursday 10/25/2018
Democracy is on the ballot in the midterm elections
icon Posted: 25 October 2018 [09:27 PM]

The midterm elections have been marred by controversy over alleged voter suppression in Georgia, North Dakota and elsewhere. Once again, partisans want to make it harder for fellow citizens to cast their ballots. It’s ugly. But amid the dispiriting bid…

U.S. needs to fix the nuclear treaty with Russia, not abandon it
icon Posted: 25 October 2018 [08:32 PM]

President Donald Trump is justified to question the status quo with the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty, signed in 1987 between the United States and the Soviet Union, which eliminated an entire class of nuclear-armed missiles in Europe with a range…

Tuesday 10/23/2018
MICHAEL REAGAN: A vote for a Democrat is a vote against America
icon Posted: 23 October 2018 [05:51 PM]

Columnist The midterms are coming up in a couple of weeks, in case you hadn’t noticed. I’m living out here in California, but I’m sure the same thing is going on across the country. All the Democrats in federal and…

Will a surge in early voting help or hurt Republicans
icon Posted: 23 October 2018 [05:49 PM]

The Washington Post The Houston Chronicle reports: “Voters lined up at polling places across Texas at dawn on Monday, the first day of early voting as an energized Democratic Party tries to take control of Congress, and as Republican…

Monday 10/22/2018
Your clothing should be made in the USA again
icon Posted: 22 October 2018 [07:12 PM]

Bloomberg News Europeans and Americans have grown used to buying clothes made in Asian countries. But apparel-industry sourcing executives are sure that's changing: By the middle of the next decade, much more of our clothes will be made closer to…

Sunday 10/21/2018
Trump trashes the laws that protect his free speech
icon Posted: 21 October 2018 [07:12 PM]

The writers’ coalition and PEN America, sued President Donald Trump in federal court. Trump “has made eminently clear his disdain for the press and the legal protections the First Amendment affords it,” the suit said. It recalled Trump’s view: That…

The Trump administration's deregulation efforts are saving billions
icon Posted: 21 October 2018 [07:09 PM]

Since President Donald Trump took office, farmers can more productively use their land. Small businesses can hire more workers and provide more affordable health care. Innovators are freer to pursue advances in autonomous vehicles, drones and commercial space exploration.…

Thursday 10/18/2018
Trump revels in his ignorance and reveals his cowardice
icon Posted: 18 October 2018 [06:46 PM]

The Washington Post By Jennifer Rubin President Donald Trump barely disguises his own ignorance on the critical issues of the day. In his jaw-dropping interview with the Associated Press, he was asked about climate change, specifically scientists’ conclusion that we…

Wednesday 10/17/2018
Saudi Arabia's leader doesn't fear U.S. for a reason
icon Posted: 17 October 2018 [06:26 PM]

Intelligence reports suggest that Saudi Arabia killed Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi in its Istanbul consulate earlier this month, possibly on the orders of Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman. MBS, as he is known, insisted to President Donald Trump this…

Recent decisions have Google treading a dangerous path in China
icon Posted: 17 October 2018 [06:23 PM]

Google announced last week that it would not compete for a $10 billion cloud-computing contract with the Pentagon, claiming the work would conflict with its corporate values. Yet somehow that ethical high-mindedness does not seem to come into play as…

Tuesday 10/16/2018
GRANDDADDY'S SECRETS: Paraeducators are adults with skills
icon Posted: 16 October 2018 [07:53 PM]

Dear Granddaddy, I don’t think I’m working effectively with my paraeducator. Do you have any suggestions? Vinnie W. - teacher Vinnie, your issue is very common and very important. The first thing I want…

Concerns over election security grow
icon Posted: 16 October 2018 [07:50 PM]

The Rutland Herald A poll released Wednesday suggests a strong majority of Americans do not trust the nation’s voting systems. With the midterm elections days away, Americans worry we still are vulnerable to hackers, according to the…

GOP's 'angry mob' rhetoric is a dangerous assault on Dems
icon Posted: 16 October 2018 [07:46 PM]

“YOU DON’T hand matches to an arsonist, and you don’t give power to an angry left-wing mob,” President Trump tweeted this month. “Democrats have become too EXTREME and TOO DANGEROUS to govern.” Republicans have found themselves unable to gain traction…

Give it up Hillary: Your husband is a serial harasser
icon Posted: 16 October 2018 [07:44 PM]

There’s a particular hell we are all dragged back to with nearly every thoughtful #MeToo conversation, and that hell is Bill Clinton. Whether he was an abuser. Whether he was just a horndog. Whether women can still support him (Do…

Monday 10/15/2018
U.S. needs to crack down on white-collar crime
icon Posted: 15 October 2018 [07:36 PM]

This has been a banner season for punishing white-collar crime. Guilty pleas by Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s former longtime personal lawyer, and criminal convictions and additional guilty pleas in the case of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort have…

Those on the left are the real bigots and homophobes
icon Posted: 15 October 2018 [07:33 PM]

The Democrats and their parrots and lapdogs in the liberal media never stop accusing people on the right of being racists, sexists and homophobes. But if you pay even the slightest attention to what the left says and does, you…

Hurricane Michael proves you can't mess with Mother Nature
icon Posted: 15 October 2018 [07:30 PM]

This past week was a grim one in climate history, by any measure. First, an international group of scientists released a long-anticipated report detailing in excruciating detail the extra damages we can expect unless we slam our foot on the…

Sunday 10/14/2018
We can't let e-cigarettes be an on-ramp for teen addiction
icon Posted: 14 October 2018 [07:59 PM]

At the Department of Health and Human Services, we are deeply concerned about the risks that e-cigarettes pose for children, given how quickly teenage use of these products has accelerated. Using a small battery to heat a liquid that contains…

Corporations shortening their names breeds confusion
icon Posted: 14 October 2018 [07:55 PM]

It seems that in the age of abbreviated communication, where “r u ok?” passes for a sentence, and KFC is a place that used to be called Kentucky Fried Chicken, the name Dunkin’ Donuts is simply too big a mouthful.…

Wednesday 10/10/2018
Democrats won't pack the Supreme Court in 2021
icon Posted: 10 October 2018 [08:59 PM]

Jonathan Bernstein Bloomberg Opinion Democrats are already talking about the possibility of playing some serious constitutional hardball if they win back the White House and achieve House and Senate majorities in the 2020 election. The utmost example of this would…

Did Trump's approval of Saudi prince encourage lawlessness?
icon Posted: 10 October 2018 [08:31 PM]

By The Washington Post Two years ago it would have been inconceivable that the rulers of Saudi Arabia, a close U.S. ally, would be suspected of abducting or killing a critic who lived in Washington and regularly wrote for…