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YOUR VIEW: City needs to face debt head on

By At the City Council meeting on Wednesday, a representative from Mesirow Financial, the city’s debt advisor and a major advocate for the proposed $115 million debt restructuring, said the city’s current debt problems are no…

icon Posted: 15 January 2018 [07:54 PM]

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Wednesday 01/10/2018
Your View: Refinancing debt could hurt the city
icon Posted: 10 January 2018 [07:52 PM]

To The Editor: For the third time in three years, Mayor Stewart is proposing to refinance the city’s debt. Each time, it has been for one purpose, to get her through the next budget without a tax increase or…

Tuesday 01/09/2018
YOUR VIEW: New projects for city in new year
icon Posted: 09 January 2018 [10:08 PM]

By To The Editor: 2017 was a year of great progress for the City of New Britain, and it has set the stage for an even more exciting 2018. Over the past year, we have seen more…

YOUR VIEW: U.S. must address Alzheimer's dilemma
icon Posted: 09 January 2018 [10:05 PM]

By To The Editor: It is time we change our thinking on Alzheimer’s disease. Too often Alzheimer’s is treated as an aging issue, ignoring the public health consequences of a disease that someone in the US develops…

Friday 12/29/2017
YOUR VIEW: Bonds could fund infrastructure projects
icon Posted: 29 December 2017 [09:25 PM]

By To The Editor: In response to the recent Herald editorial concerning how to pay for infrastructure repair, I propose setting up infrastructure “war bonds” similar to what was done at the federal level during WWII, where individuals…

YOUR VIEW: Bats are amazing creatures, but need help to thrive
icon Posted: 29 December 2017 [09:23 PM]

By To The Editor: Fluttering through the night sky, they conjure fear and disgust in people around the nation. When the word bat is mentioned, one thinks of dark forests and haunted tales. But have you ever stopped…

Friday 12/15/2017
Sunday 12/10/2017
Your View: In support of community college consolidation
icon Posted: 10 December 2017 [08:04 PM]

To the Editor: Save $28 million by ridding the system of all those unneeded presidents of each and every Connecticut community college. Brilliant idea! Thank you, Mark Ojakian! You have my vote for this. Thanks to the staff…

Wednesday 12/06/2017
YOUR VIEW: Reader says city taxes are too high
icon Posted: 06 December 2017 [06:58 PM]

By To the Editor: I think our town needs to stand back a little and take a look at our spending. As a taxpayer for over 40 years, I can no longer absorb higher taxes and…

Sunday 12/03/2017
Your View: NRZ leader seeks community support against blight
icon Posted: 03 December 2017 [07:01 PM]

To the Editor: Our NRZ was disrespected recently and I want to set the record straight. We work hard in our neighborhood to improve it. North Oak is not being run by inmates; it is being run by residents who…

Thursday 11/30/2017
YOUR VIEW: Reader urges action to save Stanley buildings
icon Posted: 30 November 2017 [09:44 PM]

By To the Editor: Last week the Historic Preservation Commission approved a motion to remove two 1970s buildings from the 90-day delay of demolition of the historic Stanley Works complex on Myrtle Street so that demolition permits…

Thursday 11/23/2017
Your View: Remembering the Rev. Hugh Penney
icon Posted: 23 November 2017 [07:44 PM]

To the Editor: Last week our community lost an exemplary citizen and leader. Hugh Penney, former Pastor of South Church in New Britain and a leader in so many spiritual, civic and social justice issues, was remembered at a…

Wednesday 11/15/2017
Your View: Stay involved in the community, says candidate
icon Posted: 15 November 2017 [06:38 PM]

To the Editor: I want to be the first to say it was worth the fight whether you win or lose. New Britain people should be very happy about every candidate’s efforts to bring something to them to think about.…

Your View: City is lucky to host New Britain Symphony conductor Sener
icon Posted: 15 November 2017 [06:37 PM]

To the Editor: On Nov. 2, Maestro Ertan Sener, conductor for the New Britain Symphony Orchestra, came to deliver an inspiring talk to the orchestration class I teach at Central Connecticut State University about the upcoming concert on Nov. 5.…

Monday 11/13/2017
Your View: Reader takes issue with letter writer's viewpoint
icon Posted: 13 November 2017 [04:43 PM]

To the Editor: Wednesday’s Herald (11/8/17) carried a letter from one Faithe Gregory of Tunxis Community College. This letter was one of the more ridiculous letters I have ever seen. The writer boasts that as a college representative she…

Wednesday 11/08/2017
YOUR VIEW: City has new bloodhound, thanks to CPOA
icon Posted: 08 November 2017 [08:47 PM]

By To the Editor: New Britain residents are fortunate to have the services of our Police Department and Chief James Wardwell, his staff and aggressive police service dogs for the safety of all our citizens. These trained…

Tuesday 11/07/2017
YOUR VIEW: Reader: Patton Brook is about strip mining
icon Posted: 07 November 2017 [07:26 PM]

By To the Editor: I read with interest Alderman Smedley’s letter defending the mayor and her team’s environmental record. Not surprisingly, water isn’t mentioned. The city attempted to sell Patton Brook Well last year without even…

Thursday 11/02/2017
YOUR VIEW: Alderman defends city's environmental record
icon Posted: 02 November 2017 [08:39 PM]

By To the Editor: I want to take the time to make something clear to voters. The attack from the Merrill Gay campaign on Mayor Stewart and her team for being “environmentally unfriendly” or “not caring…

Wednesday 11/01/2017
YOUR VIEW: A thank you for supporting the Class of 1960
icon Posted: 01 November 2017 [07:05 PM]

By To the Editor: This letter is being sent in appreciation of the outstanding professional services rendered by Nancy Johnson in publishing the New Britain High School Class of 1960 75th birthday celebration at Back Nine,…

YOUR VIEW: Reader supports DeLandro for alderwoman
icon Posted: 01 November 2017 [07:05 PM]

By To the Editor: On Nov. 7, I will be casting my vote for Veronica DeLandro for alderwoman in Ward 1. For the past decade, Veronica has served in various senior leadership roles at nonprofits that…

YOUR VIEW: DeFronzo: Debt plan is negative for taxpayers
icon Posted: 01 November 2017 [07:04 PM]

By To the Editor: I seldom write to respond to a letter, but Alderman Giantonio’s, which ran Wednesday, is an interesting one. He does not dispute the increased payment schedule called for in the city’s new…

Tuesday 10/31/2017
YOUR VIEW: Alderman disputes criticism of mayor, finances
icon Posted: 31 October 2017 [07:15 PM]

By To the Editor: I read with extreme concern a letter submitted to you this past weekend (Oct. 29). The letter was from Don DeFronzo. He, as a current Malloy administration official, should know better than…

Monday 10/30/2017
Your View: Kelly's response to Gold Star family was shameful
icon Posted: 30 October 2017 [08:12 PM]

To the Editor: On Oct. 26th you published a letter from Lou Salvio. Mr. Salvio took three paragraphs to explain how he and his family came to be a Gold Star Family. Anyone who has suffered the loss of…

Your View: President Toro demonstrates 'family sense' of CCSU
icon Posted: 30 October 2017 [08:11 PM]

To the Editor: CCSU President Zulmo Toro recently announced to the campus community and beyond that she was cancelling her inauguration. She said that, “[w]ith so many people suffering from the recent natural disasters and calamities…it would be inappropriate to…

Your View: Opponent says Stewart will raise taxes
icon Posted: 30 October 2017 [08:10 PM]

To the Editor: I can care less whether any voters vote for me but your liberty is at stake for next two years of tax. More taxes will rob you out of your lifetime future. I have been…

Sunday 10/29/2017
YOUR VIEW: Concerns about city debt
icon Posted: 29 October 2017 [08:31 PM]

By To the Editor: New Britain voters planning on voting for Mayor Stewart based on her handling of city finances should take a close look at the city’s new debt repayment schedule prepared at her direction…

Saturday 10/28/2017
Your View: Support for Tyrrell for Plainville school board
icon Posted: 28 October 2017 [07:58 PM]

To the Editor: I am writing in support of Becky Tyrrell’s re-election to the Plainville Board of Education. I met Becky 20 years ago working together on the PTO at Toffolon School. It was evident then that Becky had…

Your View: Eshoo is a first-class gentleman
icon Posted: 28 October 2017 [07:47 PM]

To the Editor: I wanted to thank Mayor Mark Kaczynski, Deputy Mayor Brenden Luddy, Dave Evans, and Peter Rosso for voting to appoint me to complete the Berlin Police Commission term of Kari Drost, who has moved out of Connecticut.…

Your View: Republicans show fiscal responsibility in Berlin
icon Posted: 28 October 2017 [07:41 PM]

To the Editor: Recently, Moody’s downgraded Berlin to a negative outlook in their latest rating. We are in this position due to the same Progressive Democrat philosophy that has the state of Connecticut on the brink of bankruptcy. This philosophy…

Your View: Sanders is committed to protecting water resources
icon Posted: 28 October 2017 [07:38 PM]

To the Editor: I read with interest William Ostapchuk’s recent letter setting forth the historical production of Patton Brook Well and the value of that water. Using 2013 residential water rates, the value is approximately $1.2 million a year.…

Your View: Davis supported for Board of Aldermen
icon Posted: 28 October 2017 [07:37 PM]

To the Editor: It has been and still is an honor to both work with Daniel Davis and call him a friend. Dan’s professional performance, solid work ethic, affable persona, and integrity makes him a prized colleague. Likewise, his work…

Your View: Supports Salerno for Common Council
icon Posted: 28 October 2017 [07:35 PM]

To the Editor: I am writing is support of Team Stewart, but specifically Danny Salerno. I have known Danny for almost 20 years and have always been impressed by his dedication to our city. Danny makes himself available for…

Friday 10/27/2017
YOUR VIEW: Tips for keeping pets safe on Halloween
icon Posted: 27 October 2017 [10:12 PM]

By To the Editor: No tricks, just treats: Keep your pet safe this Halloween This Halloween, pet owners partaking in frightening family fun should remember to keep all their little ghouls and goblins safe - including the…

Thursday 10/26/2017
Your View: Hoping to see Team Stewart re-elected
icon Posted: 26 October 2017 [06:21 PM]

To the Editor: It’s campaign season in New Britain yet again with the next round of municipal elections scheduled for Tuesday Nov. 7th. After spending time researching all of the candidates, I have come to a rather simple conclusion: we…

Your View: Thankful Gay opposes Trump agenda
icon Posted: 26 October 2017 [06:19 PM]

To the Editor: Today our country is more divided than ever. Every day I turn on the news and I see something terrible coming out of the Trump administration. As a Muslim American, this makes me fear for my…

Wednesday 10/25/2017
Your View: Berlin losing valued town employees
icon Posted: 25 October 2017 [07:00 PM]

Dear Editor, Berlin has lost another talented and dedicated professional. Hellyn Riggins, our town planner, who was often unfairly denounced by Mayor Kaczynski, has joined the other employees who have either been fired or bailed out from the chaos existing…

Your View: Gold Star family member appalled by Wilson
icon Posted: 25 October 2017 [06:59 PM]

To the Editor: On Dec. 7, 1941, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and the USA entered World War II. Two days later I had my seventh birthday. At the time I had three brothers and four sisters. I didn’t know…

Tuesday 10/24/2017
Your View: Write-in vote for Kisluk urged
icon Posted: 24 October 2017 [08:00 PM]

To the Editor: I am writing this letter in support of John Kisluk who is running as a write-in candidate for Plainville Town Council. John has been an active vocal resident in the town political arena for many years. He…

Your View: Plainville GOP team will be fiscally watchful
icon Posted: 24 October 2017 [07:59 PM]

To the Editor: Unlike the state of Connecticut, Plainville has managed its affairs much, much better, especially when it comes to the financial side. Plainville has been very prudent in how it spends our tax money and has been able…

Your View: State budget proposals would force mil rate increase
icon Posted: 24 October 2017 [07:58 PM]

To the Editor: Why are home owners being singled out for punishment? Someone has to ask Governor Malloy and the state legislators why they are trying to punish the homeowners of Connecticut. First, it was Malloy … by insisting that…

Monday 10/23/2017
Your View: Shaw deserves a place in city sports program
icon Posted: 23 October 2017 [06:35 PM]

To the Editor: Darwin Shaw has been a positive role model and leader in the New Britain school system for years. His influence on the young people of the city has been profound, affecting several generations of high school students.…

Sunday 10/22/2017
YOUR VIEW: Reader backs Democrats for Plainville BOE
icon Posted: 22 October 2017 [09:25 PM]

By To the Editor: Local elections matter! Please support the Democratic candidates for Board of Education: Becky Tyrrell, Rebecca Martinez and Kathleen Wells. Strong public schools produce the educated work force required to keep us moving forward…

YOUR VIEW: Speaker lauds leaders' work on state budget
icon Posted: 22 October 2017 [09:24 PM]

By To the Editor: I appreciate the coverage you have given in recent days to the tentative bipartisan budget agreement that Republican and Democratic legislative leaders jointly announced this week, and wanted to publically thank my colleagues…