YOUR VIEW: Lamont's executive order is unconstitutional

Published on Wednesday, 29 July 2020 16:55
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To the Editor:

This is, without a doubt, a troubling time for the state of Connecticut. Covid-19 has affected everyone’s lives. As a result, Gov. Ned Lamont has issued many executive orders to help the state deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

One of these orders in particular goes beyond protecting the public and is an unconstitutional attempt to change existing laws. We, as people of Connecticut, must resist it.

On May 20, Gov. Lamont issued an executive order that allows all registered Republican and Democratic voters in Connecticut to vote by absentee ballot in the Aug.11 primaries.

Currently, according to Connecticut laws, a voter can only vote absentee for certain, strict reasons, such as active military deployment, physical disability or actual illness. Lamont’s executive order is an obvious, unconstitutional attempt to modify the existing laws. Based on court precedent, the state’s Constitution grants the power to make or modify laws to the General Assembly only, not the governor. The Democratic governor’s executive order clearly violates Connecticut’s state constitution and ignores the constitutional idea of balance of powers. Lamont has abused his position as governor.

This is unacceptable. Ned Lamont has overstepped his bounds as governor of Connecticut. Since this executive order was first enacted, Republicans have fought hard to strike it down. However, it remains. We must continue to spread awareness about this issue for the sake of the great state of Connecticut, because using a global pandemic as a cover to abuse power is wrong.

Stefan Zwolinski


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