Sacred Heart school year off to enthusiastic start

Published on Sunday, 3 September 2017 22:46
Written by Skyler Frazer

Staff Writer

NEW BRITAIN - Another “first day” is in the books at Sacred Heart School, and school officials say parents and students are more engaged than ever.

“Even this morning, there was a huge group of parents joining us in communal prayer,” Principal Katherine Muller told The Herald.

Sacred Heart School’s first day of school was the same day as that of the city’s public schools, Monday, Aug. 28. The day was a success, Muller said, with the school’s 100-plus students and their families meeting teachers and administrators after two months off.

“Parent involvement is another huge asset to the school,” added Sister Mary Janice, the admissions director at the school. “Whether it’s for something like that, or a fundraiser, the interest the parents take in the kids is great.”

The connection between the school and parents is important to faculty and administrators and is part of the school’s theme of a well-rounded education.

“If we had three words to tell you about our school, we would sum it up in ‘faith, family, academics,’ ” Muller said.

Muller added that, while the school teaches about Jesus and Christianity, Sacred Heart School also emphasizes community involvement and academic excellence.

“Our test scores are at least two grades above level in standardized testing, so we want to make sure that keeps going and we challenge the students that are here,” Muller said.

Muller said enrollment is slightly down from last year, but administrators and teachers see that as a positive for students and their education.

“Smaller class sizes give us more opportunity for differentiated instructions,” Sister Mary Janice said. “Those that need to be challenged can be challenged; we’re not going to hold them back.”

Muller added that smaller class sizes give students more individualized attention. Sister Mary Janice said the school does not have official attendance numbers until the end of September, but students can enroll all year so the number often increases during the school year.

One of last year’s big changes to the Sacred Heart School was the revamped media center. This year, wireless internet access points were installed across the school in every classroom for better internet connectivity.

“We’re always doing some sort of updates,” Muller said.

On Sept. 11, the school will launch its new website. The website will be more interactive and user-friendly than the current website, Muller and Sister Mary Janice said.

“We’re really excited that the new website is coming this year,” Muller said.

New students can enroll at Sacred Heart School all year. For more information on enrollment, visit , or, wait until Sept. 11 for the new website, which will feature PDF application forms that can be filled out online.

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