After being forced to move out of old spot, Big Steve's Grill has found new location

Published on Monday, 3 May 2021 15:53


PLAINVILLE – Big Steve’s Grill has found a new location and is set to open and get back to serving up “blazin’” hand-pressed burgers, Philly cheese steaks, fried Twinkies and other home cooked hot meals June 1 after renovations are compete.

Big Steve’s Grill was forced to close its former location on Whiting Street March 8 after 12 years when the property owner sold the lot to a developer with plans to demolish the establishment. However, owner Steve Andrikis was able to work with town leaders to find a new spot, at 164 Woodford Ave., a mere five minutes away from the old spot and about the same size, soon after.

Not only will they be keeping the iconic burger statues that stood outside of the previous location, but the employees will be picking up right where they left off, too.

“(Town Manager) Robert E. Lee was very helpful – he was a nice guy and very encouraging,” Andrikis said.

When Andrikis made the announcement on his restaurant’s Facebook page and Plainville Talks April 30, he received a “huge response.” Just as many had been sad to see the old location close, many long-time fans were overjoyed to see that Big Steve’s Grill was coming back soon.

“On Plainville Talks we had more than 1,000 likes and 200 comments,” he said. “On our own page it was 300 to 400. I thought it was great that the town stuck by us and showed their support. They were really great when we were on our way out of the old location too. They wanted us to return.”

For Andrikis’ part, he said he is glad to continue to serve the community of Plainville.

“It’s what we do,” he said.

Andrikis attributes Big Steve’s Grill’s success to the fact that “everything is fresh and home cooked to order.” He said his food has hearty portions and is served up hot.

“We’re also one of the few places around where you can get hot fries,” he added.

Big Steve’s Grill’s new location is currently under renovation. The former deli building is getting a fresh, bright new coat of paint and a new counter installed as well as other spruce-ups. In addition to indoor dining tables, Andrikis will also be setting up tables outside just like there were at his old space.

One thing that customers can look forward to when Big Steve’s Grill reopens in June is that, in addition to all the old favorites, they’ll be offering lobster rolls and fried seafood.

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