Average gas price in state goes over $3 for first time in two years; several area stations under $2.90

Published on Monday, 10 May 2021 14:18
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For the first time in two years, the average price for a gallon of gas in the state is over $3. In the Hartford region, however, the average is still under that average, currently at $2.98.

Both prices are up seven cents from this time last week. Statewide, the average price is up 13 cents since last month and $1.10 more than last year on this date.

The national average is $2.96.

According to AAA, the national price will continue to climb this week in reaction to the shutdown of the Colonial Pipeline, which delivers approximately 45% of all fuel to the East Coast. Drivers in Connecticut may be spared an increase, however.

Over the weekend, according to AAA, the Colonial Pipeline announced it was the victim of a cybersecurity attack, and as a precaution, shut down the pipeline, which runs from Texas to New York Harbor. At this time, some lateral lines have reopened, but there is no word of when the mainline, including the gasoline line, will be operational.

“This shutdown will have implications on both gasoline supply and prices, but the impact will vary regionally. Areas including Mississippi, Tennessee and the east coast from Georgia into Delaware are most likely to experience limited fuel availability and price increases as early as this week,” said Amy Parmenter, spokesperson for AAA in Greater Hartford. “These states may see prices increase three to seven cents this week but here in Connecticut there should be minimal impact if the shutdown is short-lived.”

Gas prices typically increase around Memorial Day weekend and the summer as well, AAA says.

According to the website Gas Buddy, area prices are still much lower than $3 a gallon.

In Bristol, there are eight gas stations selling for under $2.90 a gallon. The lowest are two Valero stations, on West Street and Farmington Avenue, at $2.83 a gallon.

In New Britain, there are three reported stations selling for under $2.90, including $2.75 at Costco and $2.87 at the Citgo on Arch Street.

In Southington, there are five stations under $2.90. BJ’s, at $2.81, and TA Travel Center, at $2.84, on the Meriden-Waterbury Turnpike, are the lowest in town.

Berlin has four gas stations under $2.90, including $2.83 at the Gulf and Citgo on the Berlin Turnpike.

In Newington, there are five gas stations selling for under $2.85 a gallon. Sam’s Club ($2.75) and Xpress Fuel on the Berlin Turnpike ($2.81) are the lowest.

Plainville has two gas stations selling for under $2.85 a gallon, including VP Racing Fuels on East Street at $2.82 and the Gulf on New Britain Avenue at $2.84.


*Plan ahead to accomplish multiple errands in one trip, and whenever possible avoid high-traffic times of day.

*If you own more than one car, use the most fuel-efficient model that meets the needs of any given journey.

*Remove unnecessary and bulky items from your car. Minimize your use of roof racks and remove special carriers when not in use. It takes more fuel to accelerate a heavier car, and the reduction in fuel economy is greater for small cars than for larger models.

*Minimize your use of air conditioning. Even at highway speeds, open windows have less effect on fuel economy than the engine power required to operate the air conditioning compressor.

*In hot weather, park in the shade or use a windshield sunscreen to lessen heat buildup inside the car. This reduces the need for air conditioning (and thus fuel) to cool down the car.

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